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  1. IT saying that they won't open any ports is kind of silly. Main reason being is that I have gotten them to open ports before. What they won't do is open a large range of ports (which in itself is completely stupid because their reasoning behind it is a lie) say like ports 1000-4000. I suggest that Tallgeese or Freezer go down to IT (systems) and talk with Stephen or Patrick about it. Get the exact ports that are needed, which is easy to find, and see what they say. When doing this you should through in that it is hindering the efforts of the gaming club to not only bring together students
  2. So I bought it too. Great fun.
  3. I heard that game doesn't have a LAN option that the only way you can play multiplayer is through battle.net.
  4. Does a game like that have replay value though? I mean once you solve the puzzle it's not going to change. i mean i replayed portal and that is essentially a puzzle game... True, but this game seemed a bit more simple than portal. (Simple as in what you can do with the game not difficulty).
  5. Does a game like that have replay value though? I mean once you solve the puzzle it's not going to change.
  6. How long did it take you to beat it? I remember reading somewhere that it was only about a 3-4 hour game.
  7. I'm glad all of you approve. Thank you for the comments.
  8. I added the line to the LAN event planning that AMerrill suggested. The part about the removal of an officer I didn't change. I think two years is fine. And it doesn't mean that they can't be an officer for two years, it means that they just can't hold that same position for two years (i.e. If a secretary is removed he/she can still run for another exec position.)
  9. Thanks for the suggestions guys. I'll be sure to talk to the other execs about them and probably add to/edit our revision before the meeting.
  10. So events occurred over the weekend that have caused this meeting. I met with the ICC Director (Tim Hines) and he informed me that our constitution not being updated is a serious problem and needs to be handled ASAP. I will be holding a meeting this Tuesday now since this was planned over the weekend I don't know exactly for sure if we can get our normal meeting room (The Catamount Room) but I assure you that I will get a room somewhere in the UC (hopefully) to have our meeting. So as of right now plan for the details below: Meeting date: Tuesday April, 13th Location: UC, Catamount Room
  11. I'm actually curious as to who you are. You say you've known me for quite a while but in the same post you stated that none of us probably know who you are. How are both of these things possible? Are you stalking me?
  12. Lol. That just made my day.
  13. See as these are just brainstorming sessions anyways it'll be alright doing without them. We still have to address all these at a general meeting so if we happen to miss anything it can be brought up there. The reason I want it to be small is because it's easier and much faster to revise things that way.
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