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  1. *edited* you know it's true. look at my name! GAHD DAHM
  2. you have a case of mistaken identity... you theif. IM OUTIE... five thousand
  3. UAB alabama at birmingham and there is an SMU in texas, southern methodist univ. the mustangs.
  4. I'm taking 9 hours this semester, and working 60 or so. I'll probably start playing again soon, i just havent really been in the mood for video games lately.. i dont know why either. it's kind of depres... oh wait my computer is a bag of trash.
  5. i got it started with a buddy of mine one night.. once you get 4-6 people in there it'l fill up instantly.
  6. why wasnt there a happy hannukah thread?
  7. you could buy a brand new car for the same money... thats all im saying
  8. In response to the "greeks are more financially blah blah blah" Greeks also pay large sums of money to enter into the society. Dues, i believe they are called. And they also have lots of contributing alums to pool from. I may not be a student at WCU, but I am a student none the less, and i've had the pleasure to deal with funding for events in the past as a resident hall president and as a student spirit vp. And i can safely say that i've never encountered any sort of trouble from the SGA. The minute you tell them that you are hosting something ON campus, for STUDENTS, to help i
  9. I have to say, as a non-member and non-wcu student, that this is outrageous. Some might think that this is poorly executed, but I think it voices the appropriate tone of disapproval. 200 dollars a semester for the most active group on campus is pennies to the administration. If the student life group/foundation doesnt do something about this then i can faithfully say wcu will lose a decent amount of prospective students just because of how cheap they are.
  10. the more i drink the louder i get and worse i play, but the more fun i have. up until i start sobering up and cant take the sucking. i'd say 3-5 beers lends to a better playing smoother play, but the reflexes are slower so maps like sk get *edited*ty.
  11. spy soldier and scout.. all the S's that can attack. not a fan of being a medic because its all secondary, same with being an engy, you just sit around and let what you're attached to kill stuff. Oh, pyro is also the um... greatest class. pryro rushes ftw
  12. interp is *edited* and should not be changable
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