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  1. Rook? No, never. There are afew people you would be surprized at though. Also, @Derrick? (No idea who you are) I wasnt admitting it for a second chance, I was admitting it to make fun of xRay for getting caught in the first place. Oh well. GLHF xray.
  2. I've hacked, never got banned, you just fail at hacking. *edited*tie. Also, never hacked on wcu, ever. (for anyone that wanted to poke at it.) The hacks I used were super duper blantent, like spin and all that, and got server banned nearly instantly, but still, its funny.
  3. Admin app = applying for admin, this is more... questions.. I suppose. Also, its for the css server, so it might as well be here, imho.
  4. "1. Be active in the forums for at least 30 days. 2. Have at least 50 hours of time in the server. 3. Have at least one recommendation from an existing Admin 4. Have at least one recommendation from a current or past Executive." I'm wondering if I lost my admin due to inactivity, or if for some other reason, and since I'm not sure where to post it, I thought I'd post here.. >.< 1.I'll be working on the forum activity, how does that work? Just be noticed on the forums? Reading or posting, or both?( durp, generally have to read to post ) 2. 50 hours of server time? is that
  5. in my deffense, I dont think about what I say before I say it.
  6. I didnt read most of this thread, but @ yahoo, "I have no idea wtf mate is going on with mah poll..." Oh, we know. SPAMPOSTWHAT.
  7. T_T That hurts. Also, if I DL steam and sign into steam, will I be able to DL my games and kick some *edited* on a laptop, with a touchpad?
  8. I managed to get my computer pretty *edited*ed up, and it was pretty much full so I reformated. I need to wait for my isp to call me back to get some info back for the interwebs. so, if anyone is wondering, thats why I'm not gonna be on. <333
  9. WCS!!!! lol. >.< Its an amazing mod, and tons of people like it... =/
  10. "Hackers" are just people going to a site and downloading something. Someone that actually codes them, thats completely different and incredible.. Also just because someone is hacking blantently, does not mean anything personal.. Do you know how funny it is to go into a server, rape EVERYONE, then just laugh on mic? .. I forget where I was going with this.. .TV distracted me.. ttfn
  11. Thats afew right there. =O Whenever I see gladiator, I love how he always talks to me, and always makes sure I say hello back! =D
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