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  1. ROSSY FORGOT TO BRING 1.6 COMPUTER?? oh noes...LOOT. (one oh oh gunLOOKINGnumber)
  2. zomg zoinks! mad quick reply..wut like 10-07 secs??? LOOT. (how can i hear her speak her angelic (rolls) voyce???)) (she is 16 there? has anyone done much research on her? man..I spent like around an hour and I am all still mad confused and curious and excited..awesome..CBRC! pedo aint I???(I is the man wif duh most posts..biggizt Epoon)(heard she is around TN. maybe..if not..the of course Cali...)
  3. only if i get to hang out with girl in your avatar...LOOT. ( i heard and saw her vids..WILD)
  4. Mr. PMosh..man.. i love that avatarrr..me gonna not work today and just stare at it awl dae!! and I guess I am just gunna bring mah "jersey" out of retirement..retire it at 1milly 7grand and uno posts...1,007,001 !!!
  5. good 1 Thrilla! I am my name in number of P05T5! go me congrats! Also happy belated BDAY!!! 1007.
  6. lul..GJ Adumb37! thanks for the shoutOUT!!! Loot.
  7. condos dontwurk! I got the siffailiss (aka snuffaluffaguss(wanna come puffa blunt widdus?))..and i even double wrapped b4 i tapped her crap...Loot.
  8. ahahha OmahGAH! CapsLock= B.(a)Mays(d)!! brilliant! the cremation rumour is fancy neat!!! Loot.
  9. heck yeh CZ! that is the jam..like the inbetween of Source and of 1.s3x..did I come up with that name (1.6)?? I just started playing 1.6 again from an unnecesary hiatus..playd SK for a bit..worked fine..WTC? ? ? Loot.
  10. I'm WIF JOSE(Y)! You tellum Soulja Boi!!! Loot. (lul..at this day and time..me has 1007 posts and 37adam abuv meh haz 1008..EPIC TroL0LZ!!! ) (yo yall..just like all the best and all the greatest..i feel that i gots ta retire my jersey..no more posts from this account..gots ta makes a new ones..P(e)ACE OUT(PICANTE SAUCE)!!!) ( oh yeh..i could keep making comments by editing posts so it wont run up my post count..but..nahhhhhhhhhh)
  11. sooo many MADD famous RIP's lately..weak wacksauce..he died unrelated to headBUMP..lol at all the funnies with him on diss paige..I MADE IT 2 1grand postsss!!! Someone buy me a 100Grand+7...LOOT.
  12. going with a big fat NO! we could allow it on fun nite or something..the gun is in the title 4 peetz sake..pistola,awap,nyfe..maybe he NAID...LOOT. (upside down 666 post)
  13. funmaps R fun..me off werk fri and sat..first 4th off in 5 years...LOOT.
  14. good last one and props to the Rawls story...LOOT.
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