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  1. I started playing in July and stopped playing after my two 80s hit 85, which was like early January or something. For the last month, I just lost interest. I like that they made the dungeons harder, they added new quests/removed some of the old ones, and changed the entire world, but I just don't feel like playing dungeons anymore. I kept finding them annoying because they were so tough, but then again, it was still new to everyone, so of course we were wiping a lot. I also didn't do anything with my gear, though. No gems, enchants -- hell, I'm still carrying items from questing cuz I was
  2. The video in the first link was taken down. :[
  3. I just tested it out with another jpg and now it's working. Weird. I dunno why it didn't before. Oh well. Thanks anyway. xP
  4. Ahh, okay. Thanks. http://x5b.xanga.com/d4cf807009032274185349/w218593002.png Edit: Fixed link. I just realized that I was linking to a jpg when I wanted to use a png. Edit #2: Never mind! I decided to test out the link to the png and it worked. ^^ The signature settings page don't list any file type restrictions, but maybe it was cuz it was a jpg?
  5. Are images not allowed to be in signatures anymore? A while back, my signature was an image, but when Derrick changed the forum skin and stuff, it got reverted back to the original (some quotes and a link to a post). Now, when I try to use an image, I get this error: http://x2b.xanga.com/7a9e017168c34274175788/w218585047.jpg Just for the heck of it, I tried uploading it on two different sites and it didn't work. Thanks. Edit: The image's dimensions are also 169x40, well under the size restriction.
  6. Sorry. I'lll hop on, but my ping's gonna suck. I moved to Las Vegas. :[ That might change in the near future as my boyfriend is looking for another job, but he's looking on both coasts, so it might not be a change that's beneficial for pwning nubs. It makes me sad that the forums and server aren't as busy as they used to be. ._.
  7. I just started playing TF2 again after not playing for like a year or so. I felt like it was getting pretty retarded when people were finding items more often. And this crafting *edited* is just weird. I'm not even gonna go into whatever it is you're talking about. I just want the TF2 I had two years ago. *edited* you, TF2. (I want to keep the engi updates, though. Picking up and moving gear should've been there from the beginning.)
  8. LOL, I read the second post (by urban) and I was like, wtf, that kid's back? And then I saw it was from 2006, haha. Phew.
  9. I know that post is old, but they changed armory now. You have to go through the main WoW page. :[
  10. It's currently 3 days, 7 hours, 15 minutes, and 57 seconds. Obviously more at the time of submission. Time definitely does fly.
  11. Thoughts? I miss volley on my hunter. You used to get disengage early, but now you get it at 76, which is annoying cuz I use it a lot in PvP. I'm not liking the new resto shammy tree as much. I don't get my mana spring and stoneskin totems till 42 and 48, respectively. I just started him about a week ago and I'm lvl 41, so this isn't too bad. At this point, I'm regenerating mana quick enough that it's not a big deal. I remember when I first able to queue for dungeons, though, I ran out of mana fairly quickly and I couldn't wait until I hit 26 to get mana spring. My disc priest is
  12. Yup. I use them (the ones to allow only certain people to see your tagged photos).
  13. Hmm, I'm not so sure about that. If I recall correctly, if you deactivate your profile, your name will still show up under the tags, but it won't be a link to your profile anymore. I don't think any of my friends have deleted their accounts. I've only seen a bunch of deactivated ones. Also, to add to my previous comment, as far as I know, the only place to find the link to the page to delete your account is in that help article. God, I hate facebook.
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