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  1. Naw, you couldn't, you're just a noob /flame
  2. Enigma


    love the flame
  3. LOL, are you joking? I took the shot at 1680x1050x60... if you want the whole picture, i'll post it...
  4. Umm.. FX-51 uses ECC memory but unbuffered FX-51 uses the Socket 940, which are expensive alright but here's a couple you might be interested in: http://www.anitec.ca/product/5805/asus_k8n...40_motherboard/ http://www.pcupgrade.co.uk/productdetails....;categoryid=272 http://www.pcupgrade.co.uk/productdetails....;categoryid=272 Theoretically speaking, all these mobos should support your processor and they all have PCI-e x16.
  5. Look at the picture and you can see that i hit 300 =)
  6. WOW fifty bucks, you lucky *edited* haha, <3 My day was ok too bad it couldn't get any better than the day I dropped fifty (in a pub) within 6 rounds too bad no screenshot (old cz pub, lost the screenshot for that). LOL, naw any day is better than that day
  7. haha it's real alright... Ksharp's really good at CS ATM
  8. Enigma

    Deus Ex

    I will reinstall it and if it works on Vista WOOHOO.
  9. I know alot of people who play this game, it's really popular up here I find RS an interesting game it's like a mix of stratagy and FPS but I mean I still like the simplicity of CS:S better RS though is fun since you get to play multiple characters and not just one. Personally I would play it but it's too expensive since 1. I don't have an Xbox(nor a 360) 2. i'ts like eighty dollars up here to buy the game I might as wait for it to get discontinued... once that happens I can get it for 10 dollars
  10. I think the easiness of CS/CSS goes both ways, I mean when I played 1.5/1.6 I kicked *edited* at it and when I first tried CS:S I bombed it brutally so IMO I think they're both hard in their own ways but that's my own opinion so meh. Now, I can play CSS/CZ/CS1.6 (in order of skill level) and of course Halo...
  11. Enigma

    Bush Hu

    I don't think that was meant to do that
  12. LOL, i feel sorry for you blu3... AGP (8x) is old school now... You can upgrade your mobo (depending on your socket) for about 100 bucks and get an PCI-e slot (16x)
  13. I'm just curious about everyone's graphic cards... Please post, I haven't seen a 8800GTX yet... and that would really surprise me if someone did...
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