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  1. What the hell is this 1.6 you all speak of?
  2. That's pretty *edited* low! I don't have too much money to sink in right now (i'm paying off student loans as rapidly as possible). How much was it?
  3. I plan on making my old pc a server of sorts. I want to make it host web, files, have the ability to rdp into it to get onto my home network, etc. I didn't want to have to manually send a magic packet each time I wanted to use the computer. My solution was dd-wrt with a script that handles the wake ups. I should add that this server wouldn't be used *that* frequently which seems to make it a good WOL candidate for me. It normally draws like 300watts so I would love to reduce that.
  4. As an update, DD-wrt has a script that checks a log file for connections to an ip on a port, checks if the machine is up, and if not wakes it. AWESOME. I bought a router and loaded dd-wrt on it. The sad news: my evga 750i doesn't seem to support wake on lan for sleep. It will wake on lan when shut down fully, but when it is sleeping it doesn't accept the magic packet. I'm debating buying a pci nic and hoping that it works in sleep mode. I'm really doubting that it would, but the lack of WOL functionality is making my router purchase a waste! POO on the 750i's lack of support.
  5. I was actually just coming here to post about the airports/snow leopard. Apple calls it "wake on demand". It is one of the big advantages to control both pieces of hardware (router and server). It is a pretty awesome behavior. I want to see if dd-wrt or tomato supports a similar functionality. Conceptually, it isn't that hard. In my head, you register certain services with the router for a given host. The router obviously has to do a few more intelligent things (remember the hosts mac/ip, keep track of the servers state). I feel like conceptually it isn't the hardest task to make hap
  6. I mean, if it happens at a layer above the NIC wouldn't it work? For instance, if the router was to handle the WOL under certain scenarios it would possibly work? I have to look into ww-drt or tomato and see if either does some fun WOL stuff. My friend has an Apple Airport and says that it wakes his server on web traffic. Appealing, but not $180 worth of appealing. Because his Apple product can do it, though, it makes have a bigger drive to get it done for a quarter of the cost.
  7. I mean, I wouldn't want it to wake on EVERYTHING. I'd want it to wake for a few protocols, though (80, 443, 23, 3389, and maybe others that I can't think of). That seems to be the ideal behavior for me. I wouldn't want the wake the PC every time it was randomly sniffed, just for designated traffic.
  8. I know this really doesn't belong here but software discussion has disappeared so here I am! I would like to try to get WOL working for my home pc (now that I have the new machine I want to re purpose the other as a server). I don't know if the functionality I desire is possible, but I want the pc to wake on pretty much any network traffic that is directed to it. I know the basics of WOL but I am by no means an expert. The board is an evga 750i which does support WOL. Can anyone provide some insight as to the functionality I desire (whether or not it is even possible) or perhaps s
  9. I was kind of seeing it that way myself. I do plan on getting a full tower. I currently have a mid tower and my videocard is pretty crammed in there. Being that I am getting a giant case I see no reason to get a small mobo. Is that logic good?
  10. Were you planning on going crossfire/SLI? OR were you planning on adding a soundcard/extra expansion card? I would suggest the ASUS Maximus IV Gene-Z. It's mATX, but supports dual video cards (both SLI and Crossfire). http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131759&Tpk=maximus%20iv%20gene If you're not into mATX, I'd suggest this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813128498 Either way, you want z68 as opposed to p67. I would also suggest, for an AIR cooler if you're overclocking, go with something like this: http://www.newegg.c
  11. Can you recommend an alternate Mobo? I want a good one (but don't need the absolute best one).
  12. What about the situation where you have pretty much no regular transfer of data between drives? I plan on only using the ssd for os and games while the conventional drive will be storage. This wouldn't be slowed due to a saturated bus.
  13. A SSD on SATA 6.0 seems > a physical drive considering a physical drive doesn't come close to saturating a SATA 3.0 connection. Do SSD drives really have the ability to saturate SATA 6.0??
  14. Don't like SSD in general or that model?
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