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  1. Yes, we're Luxon as far as factions is concerned. The guild exists in all three campaigns and GW:EN.
  2. What should we do about the guys who haven't been on in a month or two? Just kick them out?
  3. Well, I'm back from the land that the internet forgot in need of advice. It is advice on a question that mankind has argued over since the don of time. Which to get, Factions or Night Fall. The problem is this, I intend to get GW:EN no matter what, so I only have enough money for one. I like the new classes in factions, but I've herd that the storyline is better in Night Fall. There is also the third option of my continual saving of every spare penny for a good desktop. So please random forum user who I have never met, give me your sage and wise advice.
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