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  1. Screw cats. That kid got what he deserved though.
  2. Forgive me for posting in this old topic, but I've not browsed the forums for quite awhile. All those fixes got me a little excited!
  3. I agree with this. I understand that it was a military victory and all, but I think ppl out in the streets celebrating was somewhat excessive.
  4. I have a surprise for you... Edit: I just looked at my signature. Old picture is freakin old!
  5. I has it for PC. I've yet to play co-op, but the single player is phenomenal. They hit a home run with this game. Steam ID: chargerdude Available times: No reliable schedule yet, and prolly won't be playing much until finals are over in a few weeks.
  6. That line and the video thing of the execution of a woman was absurd! As if males weren't ever executed! I'm assuming the only reason that was even included was because there was a single memorable execution of a woman or burning at the stake (Joan of Arc).
  7. CS:S servers are out of date again. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
  8. Hey, got on the WCU regular server today and played a little bit. I tried to bring up the admin menu, but it said sm_admin is not a recognized command or some shenanigans. Is the admin mod not currently running on CSS, or did I lose my admin? Just curious.
  9. yea, i recently became re-addicted...just in time for finals...whoops.
  10. ephraim, why would you post that foolishness?
  11. also, i tried to connect to the 24/7 d2 server the other day, to no avail. just thought i'd letcha know
  12. I have the htc hero. Android rocks my socks. That is all
  13. balls. i would, but i've got a calc 3 exam on thursday! sigh
  14. I would definitely not consider a Ferrari a muscle car. More like exotic or supercar. Also, it's not always about going fast. I get my jollies off of fast acceleration in my 98 firebird formula, although certainly slow acceleration compared to a ferrari. Also, it's about having the power there when you need it. It's ten times easier to merge into traffic or pass someone on a two lane highway when you have 400 horses backing you up as opposed to whatever hp hybrids make.
  15. Your mom's face is a computer shenanigan. Yea, I went there.
  16. firefox seemed concerned with the validity of that site and said something about an invalid certificate. i'm a little wary. edit: it's on wikipedia, so it MUST be valid, right???
  17. that incendiary ammo can't be legal...
  18. i've been awfully busy lately, but when i wanna play, i always get on wcu and try to pop the server. peeps just don't wanna play anymore. which is sadness.
  19. yea, i will verify for the bug that menace reported. i would also like to say that i've had a problem with custom skins/models/sounds. when i very first got on wcu after the update, my customs gun skins were all wireframe. it still showed the outline of my custom skin, but it was all sound when shot, and i've noticed a lot of guns' reload sounds are buggy/not right. also, everytime a new round starts i hear a noise. it reminds me of the squishing noise when you shoot an orange on mill. anyway, if you guys could look into this and possibly fix it, it would be greatly appreciated. as for now, i
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