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  1. well yes i fail and don't know how to do images... but! i give you... CS_SIEGE_PCS!!!! http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/53211 yep, well that's all if i can post one... It's always been a long favorite and i haven't played it once on source, used to be the best map for years.
  2. post them if u want em boys... just like raven did http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/53211 siege!!!!!!! add it to the server! and fun night!!!!
  3. 2nd.... but i'd rather another hostie map be added in. there are very few as is and italy is a big one.
  4. the gears are rolling.... but so far, to fix our i want to be jugg i want to be jugg let's make jugg this so we can get more people.... to fix that problem - 2 juggs.... limit weapons to something? something juggish? autoshotty? mp5? i dunno, slightly modify armor and hp as per 2 juggs. Maybe better gameplay, maybe not. Something to think about, 25-1 is odds, 12-1 is more fun and I think we can make it quicker and more rawr gunfight. just ideas, maybe someone can twist them.
  5. dude... let's get 50 of these people... and re-film thriller!!!! it'll be a huge hit since mj just dropped...
  6. no i'm not gonna lie, the t's have to protect the vip(teletubbie) and the ct's have to kill him to win rnd... I'm down with this
  7. yeah lemm... throw up a new post with that 1 map suggestion and a poll to follow... I think it's the only logical way to not get flooded with ideas and you'll get better submissions cause people will concentrate on the better maps, It shouldn't be a discussion thread, just a post with 1 map, the link and you'll take it from there. As long as we make this painless it'll work easier.
  8. I don't play with this guy, but i'll agree, and thank you for speaking up, because clearly a problem wasn't recognized. American ignorance sure is something eh?
  9. siege? militia?? plzplzploxploxplzplz\
  10. yeah i checked it out when we went to the new stats system and saw it reset, that's why i brought it up, it's not my way of *edited*ing about the shotgun again haha
  11. already bought it with 3 others... i'm *edited*in pumped for next monday
  12. seriously... change this *edited*... your like d2 brings people in... yeah well not when it's on every *edited*in 25-30 min... honestly, i dunno who the *edited* was able to make this a 24/7 d2 server... but just take it off... "oh renton ur just raging and don't like the map, go play ur sk3 on another server" *edited* that, ok let's look logically, cause that's how i am... ok so we have 0:00 d2 0:20 contra 0:35 piranesi 0:55 inferno 1:15 season 1:30 d2 1:50 cobble 2:10 mill 2:30 office 2:50 d2 hmmm well renton u left out the maps that are only on once a rotation
  13. you wanna hax peeholes in pieces? your one sick puppy... keep the mod how it is...
  14. phenomenal, i've reposted this 3 times already hahahahaha
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