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  1. well yes i fail and don't know how to do images... but! i give you... CS_SIEGE_PCS!!!! http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/53211 yep, well that's all if i can post one... It's always been a long favorite and i haven't played it once on source, used to be the best map for years.
  2. post them if u want em boys... just like raven did http://www.fpsbanana.com/maps/53211 siege!!!!!!! add it to the server! and fun night!!!!
  3. 2nd.... but i'd rather another hostie map be added in. there are very few as is and italy is a big one.
  4. the gears are rolling.... but so far, to fix our i want to be jugg i want to be jugg let's make jugg this so we can get more people.... to fix that problem - 2 juggs.... limit weapons to something? something juggish? autoshotty? mp5? i dunno, slightly modify armor and hp as per 2 juggs. Maybe better gameplay, maybe not. Something to think about, 25-1 is odds, 12-1 is more fun and I think we can make it quicker and more rawr gunfight. just ideas, maybe someone can twist them.
  5. dude... let's get 50 of these people... and re-film thriller!!!! it'll be a huge hit since mj just dropped...
  6. no i'm not gonna lie, the t's have to protect the vip(teletubbie) and the ct's have to kill him to win rnd... I'm down with this
  7. yeah lemm... throw up a new post with that 1 map suggestion and a poll to follow... I think it's the only logical way to not get flooded with ideas and you'll get better submissions cause people will concentrate on the better maps, It shouldn't be a discussion thread, just a post with 1 map, the link and you'll take it from there. As long as we make this painless it'll work easier.
  8. I don't play with this guy, but i'll agree, and thank you for speaking up, because clearly a problem wasn't recognized. American ignorance sure is something eh?
  9. siege? militia?? plzplzploxploxplzplz\
  10. yeah i checked it out when we went to the new stats system and saw it reset, that's why i brought it up, it's not my way of *edited*ing about the shotgun again haha
  11. already bought it with 3 others... i'm *edited*in pumped for next monday
  12. seriously... change this *edited*... your like d2 brings people in... yeah well not when it's on every *edited*in 25-30 min... honestly, i dunno who the *edited* was able to make this a 24/7 d2 server... but just take it off... "oh renton ur just raging and don't like the map, go play ur sk3 on another server" *edited* that, ok let's look logically, cause that's how i am... ok so we have 0:00 d2 0:20 contra 0:35 piranesi 0:55 inferno 1:15 season 1:30 d2 1:50 cobble 2:10 mill 2:30 office 2:50 d2 hmmm well renton u left out the maps that are only on once a rotation and for 10 min... yeah well that's cause they get rtv everytime... which i'll get to later... so why am i playing the same *edited*in map 3 times in 3 hours?! are there not enough maps out there? that we have to have a 10map rotation and 3 of them are d2...? and don't even say all the ones that are there for 10 min don't get rocked... cause they do every *edited*in time... oh hey.. let's rock the vote, oh look d2 comes up, that "pops" the server... every *edited*in time... it's like d2 is the only map that can bring people in according to some 'P'eople, and honestly that is the biggest load of *edited* anywhere. I don't give a *edited* what map is on, if i'm gonna play css, i join wcu, we have a lot of regs on this server, a lot. And i'm pretty sure most of them are as sick of *edited*in d2 as i am. Just take it off... replace with d1, or anything... do you know how many *edited*in map threads we've had in the past, how many awesome *edited*in maps chupa has on his comp, i think it's over 3000 now. I mean why the hell are we limiting ourself by only playing d2. /d2rant next - i went over maps /maps rtv - so i was here when rtv was instituted, as were most of the upper lvl admins here, it was instituted cause we didn't have enough admins at the time willing to put in the time and there were lots of times it needed changed when the server was semi full and no admins... so we added it... then we took away all our admins power to change maps... that's not my decision - i will say this, if your going to trust admins, do it. don't half-*edited* piddy *edited* *edited*. Cuase it's annoying and ridic. It's insane that i can ban someone from ever playing here again, yet i can't change the map when it's me and 2 buddies trying to populate the server. Which happens... every... *edited*ing.... day.... and i'm stuck trying to d2 or some other huge map with 1 bot and others. We have the admins on now, with "lemms peeps" we have admins that can change maps, which in my opinion needs to be upped, I don't see why that's not the normal admin level. If your going to set levels... set them, make goals or something people can accomplish to get them, or some requirements, not just... eh yeah i like you here you go. We shouldn't have rtv and admin change map unless it's root only. Get rid of one... easy scenario for you - vote for map change by admin (which isn't happening?), map changes, people rtv cause they're unhappy anyway cause they'll always be unhappy if their not playing d2 and gettin the server completely full apparently... Why have the power for your players to undermine your admins constantly, doesn't sound as menacing as mute-dodging... same thing. It was put in under circumstances we've past and are long gone... get it out... we never had it, ever, ever, ever. How to get rid of rtv ----> make a map rotation that works, people wont' have to, want to, or need to rtv... - you want tips, opinions, anything information wise let me know, i'm filled, plus i have posts all over this *edited* telling my thoughts. /rtv stats - stats on or off with all the maps, no stats for deagle5 and sk3? take them off the server if that's how it is... with jugg, same thing. If it's a death or kill on the server it should be given credit granted there are more than 6 people in. Let people *edited*, if they're playing here for the stats, and not the funny comments, the witticisms, the ever classic death "YARRGGGGHGHHHHHHH", chanzty saying *edited*ty a lot, i mean i can list 100050505005606u9w0u820-3y48t0-5124y85120-4u9t851-204u9t051- *edited*in reasons to play in this server besides stats. When stats go down, does the server still full, people in it all the time... yes.... showing you people don't *edited*in care enough.... stats on or off... it's *edited*in stupid. Revisit the weapon modifiers, somewhere in the whole liam fiasco everything got changed for the worse i think and it could use tweaking. - a guy today 4000pts, awps me for 11 pts, i'm right under 5000 - in what *edited*in world should that be possible. **disclaimer** please note that i am not trying to point fingers to anyone, i think lemm's peeps is a good idea, i think admins should have map change power, I think as a community we should move forward out of this 10map rotation crap and fix this server up a lil, no it doesn't have to go back to what it was, i'm not saying that. I'm saying let's cut the *edited*, make our server better, and take some responsibility as admins, and roots by patrolling. and thanks to everyone that actually read the whole post... and please post any comment you have about any section, just make sure and reference it so we can follow the thread easier.
  13. you wanna hax peeholes in pieces? your one sick puppy... keep the mod how it is...
  14. phenomenal, i've reposted this 3 times already hahahahaha
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