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  1. derrick those remind me of our 1st fliers- LOVE THEM!
  2. Adambomb and I wanted to share with our gaming family that we have recently added a new member of our family. Baby Alexandria Faith Faulkner was born on June 23, 2010!
  3. Again I say, I approve. You can rest assure it takes alot to get my approval. All of the changes I understand without needing further explanation. I do see small problems in the future, but nothing that needs to be addressed at this time. Everything that needed to be addressed and modified, was. We should be happy that the constitution is a living document as it should be, and not a joke as it was. (I mean the line about Mitchell Pate having to go to the lans at the direction of the president) I couldn't get the votes to remove that line, so I knew I couldn't get the rest of it changed.
  4. This is a good idea, though unless we move the comments from the minutes thread...don't think it will work because people are used to posting under the minutes. But I love the idea.
  5. Happy Birthday NoDice! Now...Prooooovvvveeee IT!
  6. The club's SOLE purpose is to bring prospective students to WCU, increase student retention and to keep them on campus. Granted, by serving the needs of prospective students, you should therefore serve the needs of current students and alumni concurrently. We need to remember what we are doing here. This is why we are given so much money from WCU. Because we can prove that we do indeed bring students to WCU and have increased student retention. We are a family. The original founders are still around. The club was founded Spring 2005 and as you can tell 5 years later (long after the
  7. What will be discussed (purpose) at the meeting, other than the vote for Treasurer?
  8. I just have a few things to add. When did Josrocket become a Alumni Advisor? Now Josh Schwartz said that he didn't start this, but Josh you do realize you are hurting yourself as well? As you are also no longer a student at WCU, you also will lose all privileges. But of course you retain the privilege to offer suggestions, and opinions as well. If nothing else is answered please answer the following. First, What is the alumni doing/have done that is not in accordance with the best interest of this club. Second, I have not seen any justification to why the need to have ac
  9. Thank you guys very much. I did have a great birthday, Adam knows how to do it right. Thanks!
  10. Ephriam, Thanks for all of your hard work. Don't waste your time sending thanks yet, wait until after the lan and you can send him pics along with the thanks.
  11. We used to be able to get pizza from where ever we wanted, we just told them and they wrote up the purchase order. We chose Papa's because it was cheaper, thus amounting in more pizza for the guys to eat. We need to look into having Pepsi or Coke (probably Coke) sponsor us as well. I have had Coke sponsor my Fraternity (Alpha Kappa Psi) before, so I know it can be done. I also had Ingles sponsors us and they gave us alot of food(Cakes, doughnuts, etc). Granted this was all back in 2005. Be creative guys, their are people out there who will give us free stuff for advertising them.
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