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  1. Next Meeting: March 29th, 2012 @ 8pm Catamount Room We are going to discuss the next LAN. Its going to be vastly different than how we have done previous LANS, but I believe it will be a great way to bring back focus to this organization.
  2. Sure everyone who is going to read this already knows but just be sure my name is Joseph DeLong aka Thor, and I will be the clubs president for the next year. That being said I would like to know if anyone has any ideas they wanna try this year ect ect. My main goal for the next year is to create relationships with other organizations on campus. Such as working with LMP and the UC for the stay at Western Weekends or getting the big screen on the UC lawn for a Fight Night. Also I would like to do alot more PR work on campus. Just from listening to people around campus they know there is
  3. From the desk of the Secretary Summary: 1) New Club Name: Whee Game 2) VP of Consoles: Matt Wiard a. Email: mwiard@wcu.edu ... 3) VP of PC: Felix a. Email: JCdaniels1@catamount.wcu.edu 4) Secretary: Tim Franklin a. Email: tdfranklin1@catamount.wcu.edu 5) Marketing: Dustin Faulkner a. Email: dustincfaulkner@yahoo.com 6) Treasurer: Micheal Sapp a. Email: mesapp1@catamount.wcu.edu 7) Historian: Haroon a. Email: Absent 8) Man At Arms: Tyler a. Email: tlpatirck1@catamount.wcu.edu 9) Wii Games: Super Smash Bros: Melee/ Wii Bowling 10) PS3 Games: Soul Caliber 4/ Mortal Kombat 9 11)
  4. Feel like gonna see alot of team killz in gearz >.>
  5. Just from previous exp anyhow when we talked to Mike last year, he called Walt to get verification. So might as well get a face to face with Walt then have him coming over the speakerphone.
  6. The whole thing was that you dont know what the next card being drawn is so thats what made it a game of chance, and the only way to bypass this would to play with the top card reavealed at all times. But really like the idea Mitch since a first round bye would not be considered a monetary prize
  7. Well can only learn by doing, so get Kaz to talk to Jill and give it a shot. If it doesnt work it doesnt work.
  8. Some thing i alway wanted to do but didnt have the resource was try and get an extra tv or projector that just has a spectator mode on it though some games lack the ability to do that as well.
  9. Rawr Rawr Drama Rawr lol. Well there were like what 40 some ppl at the meeting?
  10. As long as they are available for all people there should be no issue what so ever.
  11. I understand the reasoning behind the name change but frankly I prefer the old name as well, plus we have over 6 years of advertising with said name. While i was up last night thinking of adevertisment stuff and Whee Game just doesnt say anything, You dont know its a club, You dont know where it is, and you frankly dont know what its purpose is. Im sure there some sort of grandfather mandate we could use, and further more state how this name change hurts our presence on campus and our ability to advertise outside of campus.
  12. Thor

    Why Not?

    Not much welcome to the site.
  13. We have 9 days til this meeting that means by the end of Thursday the 25th we need fliers up advertising this meeting. Got the word out at freshman move in & Valley Balley but lets aim for 40plus to show up to this first meeting.
  14. Are you referring to the Poster type ones with the image on the top half and block of text on the bottom? Also like both designs first one really grabs the eyes attention with the colors and the second is like holy *edited* I need to goto this
  15. So I'm sitting here in my room reading fanfic and i hear something slide under my door. Normally its a papa's pizza flier, but this time it was from tree house apartments. This raised the question are we able to do the same? I'm sure we would need the RDs' permission but what better way to make sure someone actually sees the flier than to slide a small informational one under their door.
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