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    if anyone is interested i will be holding a Players meeting the sunday of move in weekend (august 21). we will be meeting at reynolds dorm and probably walking down to madison valley. this is the time to come find out what this is all about. ill have the full game book and we will be doing a bit of role play and probably some combat. hit me up on facebook if you want an invite to the event -Mike sapp
  2. this is actually part of the reason i dont really play shooters when i show up to lans. I cant afford a turtle beach or even a good knock off. loosing 8 out 10 matches gets old. (and yes I know its a miracle i posted)
  3. just fyi Someone( mike, Joe, or felix) needs to go talk to Steven wilson And Dr. richmond in the next week or so. and how exactly would you know the vote.... it was never counted. they just said "all for.... K looks good, it passes" or something similar. nothing was actually counted. oh and half the execs were also voted on by non members. you guys really need to get your *edited* together, that was probably the least organized meeting we have had in about 2 years.......
  4. well its doing the thing they bought it for wonderfully.... just everything else in the world went to *edited*. they bought it to reduce the number of virus infections on campus and it does that. i still wish to take a hammer to it sometimes though
  5. actually adams brother told me the the same about scott. i havnt had any issues in reynolds but your best bet is to put in a self service ticket online and get everyone on your hall to do the same.
  6. I may be a bit late but i should be there. if we cant find a good historian ill run for it and rent a camera from the library lol
  7. Freezer


    yea any is trying to help out with the gaming issues so try to get in touch with him and make sure you have as much data on the issue as possible. also try not to talk to laura she will run you in circles
  8. thanks for the update liam
  9. yea its was a pretty fun tournament and im now addicted to the game
  10. there will be. it will just be a tiny one due to lack of advertising.
  11. Freezer

    Lemm got a Job!

    congrats and good luck lemm
  12. oh and ill only be there till like 4 so.... yea
  13. the lan is happening but fliers have not gone up yet
  14. ... *edited* standard... you guys suck.. but yea im really glad you guys got everything sorted out. i may actually have to finish building that *edited* infect deck now
  15. .... just had a nasty idea.... Eldrazi conscription on an infect creature..... one hit game over
  16. so i heard that someone on campus has a nasty Metalcraft/infect deck... any clue who that is? I want to see how that runs.
  17. The president asked me to make one. if you have any issues with it go ahead and give him a call.
  18. http://www.tf2items.com/id/mcsapp ...i have like 4 items...
  19. so far ive got a decent Aura/totem armor deck and a crappy infect deck.
  20. well the thing is Infect, metalcraft and proliferate all look broken when comparing against past sets, but against each other its pretty even.
  21. ill show you how to do it yourself later shannon
  22. trust me there is. from talking to some people on campus i beleive it may actually bring some more people over to the forums and eventually even to the servers. at least 3 of the execs are active players and 10+ members that i can look at right now currently play MTG and other games.
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