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  1. Anyone 50 yet and want to *edited* around and see what we can get to drop? I have a 50 hunter and am working on getting a berserker up there too. He's 17 atm but that was only after like 3 hours of playing tonight...i may be addicted. Too early to tell
  2. But since when is that fun? Serious Duendes...Toran i have also notice that you edit almost every single post you post...it makes me wonder what you put first. I would just put like "milk tits" then go and edit it and say something serious afterwards. Making me chuckle whilst no one else noticing my hilarity.
  3. Oh you would cheat on this "gf" with anything...don't lie to the population.
  4. i thought this was especially funny seeing the context of this thread lolol
  5. Go try and play on other servers with 100 tick. Nothing is perfect here. I complain about reg just about every day. Live with it. We all do. On a side note, i've never seen you with a 2.0kdr. And i've been playing a long long long time here -well more like 3 years, but long enough- p.s. QQ MOAR. p.s.s. MOAR PEW PEW LESS QQ <3
  6. Tyrone Bigguns. I'm gonna tell you something you might not know Joe Rogan, i do rocks!
  7. So how does this make you feel toran? Outraged? Hysterical? Wanting to make me brownies? >.> that last one is the correct answer
  8. Nightfever i liked, assault blows, havana is fun for 10 minutes, crane is amazing, port is ehhh but i can deal, strike is fun, strata is useless, russka is awesome, villa was pimp, haven't heard of the rest besides siege and it is ehhhhh
  9. Ive been doing homework for like 3 hours whilst listening to it. I am in love with it lol
  10. Strike or Fire. Or maybe tuscan but it's pretty similar to Mill. Also, there are a couple of Eco maps that are pretty cool. I'd have to go look for the files but they are usually very even maps that are DE
  11. I say extend all the map times anyways. Playing a map for 15 minutes-20 minutes is extremely annoying to me. Go back to the old 20-25 min timelimits. Then for fun maps make then 10-15 min. I enjoy being able to actually build kills up on certain maps. I also think we should add maps like fire and strike back into the rotation now that we have a steady pop to keep the server up. Both are even maps and i guess to me...more fun than some of the others here's 10 cents, my 2 cents is free!!! lol
  12. Call it Tank and take the skin from L4D. Also...uhhhhhhhhhh make me the Tank constantly? That is all my loyal subjects
  13. Did you honestly think that the skins would pull it out? I mean when has Campbell been clutch lately, how about clinton portis? And the raiders...at least Russell completed more passes than DA from the *edited*stains. 2/17? I think i could do better and I haven't played since high school....gawddddd
  14. Do not leave major, as a math major..you chances of surviving in the outside world with your knowledge of food is .33 ,repeating of course, chance of survival!! TERRIBLE ODDS
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