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  1. and don't forget to spec iffy hackers for more than 2 rounds!
  2. *edited* starbucks has been working me like a dog =[
  3. Gungame server?! Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  4. South Korea with 4 total medals! 3 gold medals! =D
  5. welcome to the team kirby! i remember you from appstate so i tried adding you onto my friends list awhile ago and i added another dude with the same name as you. so now i have 2 kirbys on my friends list and i never figured out which one is you...doh
  6. haha shields! its so funny playing in servers that allow shields. everyone is always baiting the one person on the team with a shield rofl
  7. exactly! freezetime is no good! but awp_map is a special case. it doesnt even have anything to do with aiming quickly b/c: a. there might not be enough guns lying around if the server is packed. then it would be unfair to the person who has to buy a gun while everyone just picks up one quickly b. if someone gets a ridiculous spawn spot out in the middle of nowhere where the person has to run for like 3 seconds just to get behind a wall that being said, i agree with toranky that awp_map should not have any freezetime. neither should any other map. freezetime restricts the freedom tha
  8. freezetime should be eliminated for all maps! its a part of the game to be able to learn how to buy fast. why penalize the people who are capable of buying all of their stuff quickly?
  9. like toranky mentioned: can we get rid of freezetime? can we get rid of it for all maps?
  10. yes get rid of office asap...and add snow in office's spot after dust2!
  11. yea i like nurayz's suggestion too. office has been like dust lately. definitely a downer since its right after dust2. we need to put a strong map right after dust2. i suggest that we put snow after dust2. snow is so popular and it always fills up the server. having snow twice in the rotation would be sick (snow in the front & snow in the middle)! adam37 can you disable buying in awp_map? and is there a way to have a message streaming across the center of the screen during awp_map to inform people not to shoot in the first 3 seconds of the map? people always spawn kill in that map b/c
  12. lol read this article titled, "Windows 7 student upgrade hell" http://brainstormtech.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2009/10/24/windows-7-student-upgrade-hell/
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