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  1. I tried it last night, but I don't have anything to compare it to. Everyone on there claims that reg is better. I guess reg was better but it coulda just been the server.
  2. i voted last too. If them scrubs would just stop ragequitting when I pew pew them in the face once. Jeez.
  3. You mean.... no more blood stains on the head and 0 damage??? maybe?
  4. lemm is such an e-bully. I hatez him.
  5. I'll try to drop in if i am not too preoccupied having intimate relationships with your mothers.
  6. I read the whole description and didn't understand any of it.
  7. not to mention all the new bugs with the new update and how it'll take 5 minutes to alt-tab back in. But wait, there's more! now some of the player models are invisible and you gotta retry to see them again. Gg valve.
  8. a lil bug yesterday when I was on with pink monkey and poptarts. I typed rtv and aztec was automatically voted right after i pushed enter.
  9. http://store.steampowered.com/news/3976/ How will this affect ze server if at all?
  10. sh*t, just put OVER 9000 FPS or something and people will flock in. The majority of people don't even know what those numbers mean. Personally, I prefer 500fps servers.
  11. Well we already have 75% of these maps on the rotation already. I would personally like to have italy in the new one. But other maps like chateau, oilrig and vertigo might bring back nostalgia for the old time players, but they empty the server cause newbies don't like non dust maps and don't feel like learning. I would take them off the rotation and only play them on request through voting. And thanks adam for fixing the maps. fy_snow for the win, but why did the awp maps get taken off? People usually enjoy playing them and only ragequit cause the map went on for 20-30 minutes with 20
  12. menace


    QFT Nerds can't play sports? =) They are too l337 for sports.
  13. menace


    we're gonna lose. England ALL THE WAY!!
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