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  1. I just passed the bar, which makes me a lawyer. Just need to get sworn in now (or shortly), and I will be a bona fide Patent Attorney! WHOOO-HOOOO! (I'm just really excited, and felt the need to tell everyone, everywhere)
  2. Thanks for the very quick replies! I think I will probably just stick with PC then. No need to drop the cash on a new console.
  3. Hey everyone, a few questions: 1. Any difference between PC and xbox? -I don't have an xbox, and was looking at this game. I have been on the fence about getting a new console, but I think I will be building a new rig this winter, so I was just curious. 2. Can you pair up cross platform?
  4. Hey, thanks everyone for doing this. Really appreciate it. nice turn around and results. Go Team!
  5. There have been issues with the Student upgrade, particularly the ones from that website (can't remember the name), but a new iso has been released that fixes the problem. Also, this was completely different from the "Upgrade" for $30 - as the kid got a full retail version of Win7 Pro - it came with 2 DVDs, one for 32-bit and one for 64-bit. All for $30.00 - damnit, I should have done it. I thought I was fine, but the DVD I had was only 32-bit. I am trying to get a 64-bit one now, but we will see. You might still want to try calling, if you want full, and not upgrade (if there is in fa
  6. I didn't read all this random stuff, but I saw D1 - you put that on the rotation and I will come and burn the server!!!! (j/k) but seriously, no, absolutely not. - maybe for a fun night, but not in the rotation.
  7. "Call 1.877.696.7786 Choose option 7 for Windows 7 Choose option 1 for pre-ordering Offer should be valid thru today. You call, give them your edu email, and pay $37.xx with shipping/tax for windows 7 professional full retail dvd." This is the e-mail from the person I work with.
  8. Hey everyone. Someone I just worked with started the win741 process, and got the e-mail with the link to buy the $30 Home Premium Upgrade. However, he wanted Pro and full version at that, so he called: 1.877.696.7786 - and pressed the button to pre-order. When he got on the line with the associate he told them he actually wanted the full version of win7 pro, and they agreed. He got the receipt and everything. Only paid the $30+tax. Offer ends today. He had to supply his .edu e-mail address over the phone, but he got it. (well we will know for sure in about a week when it arrives, but
  9. Just to be clear - I did not ban PK. Someone banned pk about an hour before I joined the server. While I was playing, for about 15 minutes PK was trying to join with names like: Hey Peanut Peanut unban me My ban was only supposed to be 30 minutes And things similar to that. I didn't ban him for spamming the server, I have no idea why he was banned in the first place. I was just following up in the threads because he was spamming the server DURING his ban. We have a ban appeal process, and we have a forums - which pk is active on. To Hitz, pk went beyond just getting banned
  10. Stop it, or your ban will be extended. I have no power to unban you, so go PM someone else or something, but don't spam the server like that or it will be upgraded.
  11. Also, if you are a WCU student, it looks like you can get Vista Ultimate for $15 (DVD). Might mean you can get Windows 7 Pro for that much once it is released. I know my brother-in-law was able to get Windows 7 Professional from his university for $10, like 3 weeks ago. Full Version, no restrictions. *edited* me for never putting links in: http://www.wcu.edu/10608.asp
  12. Yeah, just neutralize the terrorists. (or neuter)
  13. diaf Is there a "pout" smiley/icon? Damnit, my smileys didn't work. Total fail, i will stay away from this thread from now on.
  14. I was curious if it would be possible to get the links to the different levels of the forums: * WCU Online Gaming Club * > Club Information * > Request A Change which is at the top of the page, to also be put at the bottom of the page as well. It gets annoying to have to scroll back to the top each time I go into a thread to be able to navigate to different levels. Someone flame me if I am missing something.
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