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  1. Nebs

    The Twinkie Diet

    Lol nice bro science, bro
  2. If you want I can just explain all the rules for melee (like how banning and counterpicks work) before we start. Just make sure everyone participating gathers around the smash stations before we start and I'll run through it. Also, it would be a good idea to print a copy or two of the stage list and leave them at the stations, considering in the past the most asked question is always "is this stage legal"?
  3. I don't think anything makes a character bannable. If one character is a monster (ie MK), either get good at playing that character or switch games.
  4. There will be no App round 2 tourney, at least not on the 3rd. (details) http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=245777 This is the reason they should hold them at privately owned places like everyone else. It's really frustrating how the school ruined it because of the money. The reschedule date is the date of our first LAN, which I just told the host about, and he'll probably change it. I did find one good thing however...MunkAid 8, a Western NC Melee only tourney is set for the 24th and is less than 2 hours away. They're also probably going to be holding a mini blaze blue tour
  5. It's this saturday fyi. And yeah Shingi, I'd love to go, but need at least one other person for the carpool (I'll help out with gas obviously).
  6. If anyone turns out to be going to this, I need to get in on some carpool action.
  7. Nebs

    Transformers 2

    If you've had the good fortune to stay away from this movie, congratulations. I went opening day at the beach because I thought it would be some good mindless fun. HOLY BALLS I was wrong. What a horrible pile of putrid stinking penile excrement.
  8. Obviously you guys don't know me. Brawl is mah lyf, dog. WAR POKEMANS TRAINER!
  9. new rules for shooters: switzerland If you kill anyone you lose, instead, the person with the most ammo at the end of the time period wins...I think this is a great idea, and if it is not implemented, I will not be participating in these tournaments.
  10. Alright, the uc at 8 sounds good
  11. ? yeah there is, you, master p, chupa, rydell, domo...that's 5
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