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  1. Oh, grad school, that thing. I didn't even bother trying to go to Grad School, I don't think Western has a graduate program for Technical Writing anyways and I'd rather be earning money than paying for more education right now >>
  2. The thing is that there was absolutely 0 problems with the internet on campus during the Fall with WoW until about half-way through the semester. The problems with Starcraft 2 were bonkers enough and then all of a sudden they *edited* up even more with the filter and start getting chokes in WoW that make you lag so bad you disconnect. It completely brings the internet to a crawl and affects EVERYTHING. When I was working in the Sandbox on campus my boss voiced concerns about the problems as well, as it shut off on us halfway through a transfer. While it may actually stop people from being
  3. I'm no longer at Western but chiming in about the internet stability/etc. The internet at WCU is complete garbage currently thanks to their filtering piece of *edited* software, I was getting lagged out and kicked off of WoW at least 2-3 times at night, peak hours or not. I know people currently in Central are dealing with this still so it is definitely nothing to do with the closets on campus at any of the dorms. Also wtf Ephraim I thought you graduated.
  4. I was able to get on today so it looks like they've fixed the issue that was causing us not to be able to connect.
  5. I'm getting the same PSN error, its awesome. =/
  6. My understanding is that they don't give a *edited*, so why should we?
  7. This is becoming a detriment to the club, should just get it fixed.
  8. Do want, I'd play games all the time
  9. Their flier is a bit.... weird. It says gaming but doesn't say anything else on it. I like how it doesn't say LAN or anything on it since people don't know what a LAN is most of the time but they don't say anything about what games are offered, which could be good and bad. What Lemm said is a great idea, contact them to see if we could advertise there and we can advertise for them (front page, etc). Also, we could trade contact lists. They give us their list of who they e-mailed and vice-versa, could be a real winner.
  10. With games like this you can't just say "HEY LOOK, LAN!" People want to see what kind of tournament it is without the hassle of going to find it. SC2 Rules: 1v1 Blizz Maps No Race Changing Depending on entrants everything up until Quarters is Bo1 Bo3 in Quarters, Semis Bo7 in Finals If enough interest there will be a losers and a winners bracket, though due to time constraints, doubt it. Prizes: ??? Sponsors (add the logos, etc)
  11. Flyers look good, any possible way to get one specifically for games such as Halo: Reach and SC2 with rules/format/etc? If we get sponsors and have some good prizes I can post this on teamliquid's SC2 tournament section and possibly get quite a few people to show up, depending on if they're able to/etc. >>
  12. if the name is purple, it is an unusual and has a special effect. Want the brainslug so badddd
  13. Not as many as SC2 now with Jaedong and the rest converting. They wanted to wait for the BW seasons to finish, as well as WCG, since the main tournaments are running SC2 ^^
  14. wtf so yes they do exist http://www.tf2items.com/profiles/76561198012992994 Yeah... i know, heh. That's why I was asking in the first place . The hat I want: http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1009818 Unusual/"Bizarre" or not!
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