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  1. if you can fix the way it works then it will be fine...there are times when nobody wants to play the map yet no admins are on...without RTV the server would just empty out.
  2. Windows 7 was created with netbooks in mind thats why they are being sold with them. Netbooks, at least the ones where I work, are having windows 7 starter sold with them and have the option to upgraded to higher versions whenever. As for running on 2gb....I'm running Windows 7 Pro on 1.5 gigs of ram just fine.
  3. besides for Danksta and I think briefs for a while there werent any admins on for hours last night. You guys need to get at least an admin in there for most of the time...its said...you guys complain about other admins and then dont even play.
  4. I thought you were and 2nd the RIAA got pirate bay somewhat
  5. ILLEGAL ILLEAGAL!!!!!! RIAA operatives on pursuit of Canadian under the alias of Mr. PMosh
  6. Saw it tonight and it was amazing...Yeah it was definitely like L4D especially the older girl and the character that woody plays. I think I'm going to see it again on Tuesday. Go see it you will like it alot...its not straight comedy funny but there are a lot of funny parts. def getting it too when it comes out...Best buy better get this in asap so i can buy it there the day it comes out...hopefully i work when it comes out haha.
  7. So far the season is going awesome....with 3 episodes in. White supremacists, bounty hunters, crashing vehicles into buildings, girls with issues....can't get any better.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrHsVEchoUI Hollywood Undead "My Black Dahlia"
  9. Eh I am on the fat side so maybe.....but thank you adam or whoever changed my admin status for me. I hope you find someone to be in the server more often.
  10. Wisconsin and I ping a constant 50....u guys isp sucks...where are sending your info to china and back?
  11. Actually, the one I posted does support sli and I like it because it can use AM2, AM2+, and AM3 processors which is allows me to use a wider array of processors. I didnt like your mobo you posted cuz of video reviews and that lack of sli which I do kinda like the nvidia and sli technology.
  12. Im really not liking the reviews on the MOBO...plus you can only do crossfire and not sli. The graphics card I can wait for a lil bit til I can get 2 of the radeon 4850's for crossfire when I start my discount at best buy.
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