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  1. My bad, hahaha, its cool. I am getting my weekends mixed up. But I am wondering how I can get in on this Saturday night Brawl action. And grats Nebs on your victory.
  2. I understand that there is a brawl tournament this weekend at app but I was wondering if there is any sort of social brawl thing going on this weekend. BTW my real name is Luke Haynes; some of you may know me. I was just wondering if there was anything going down, here, this weekend, specifically brawl.
  3. I have over 20k kills in this game and yes teams are the best way to go.
  4. Sounds good to me, I was just throwing that out there, i remeber playing Halo 2 on the Lan when i was a freshman, (i am a Junior Now) and i just wanted to see if anyone was interest. I play with people on campus when i play online so i know that there are people on campus that play. When is this meeting? I would hate for all of the games to be one sided.
  5. Luke Haynes

    COD 4

    Would it be possible if we could get a Call of Duty 4 xbox game started? I know that there are counter-strike tournys but I know a few people that play COD 4 and i was wondering if that were possible.
  6. well i mine ore in nagrand and get primals from that plus the mats for the +28crit to bow
  7. i suggest that if you made a guild, you make it on Zul'gin, that server is well populated and not many farmers. I also have a lvl 70 hunter on there too, if you would like to look at my character, my name is Louisvuitton on the armory. Thanx and i hope you get back to me soon.
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