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  1. Sith/Empire or Jedi/Republic? What class are you playing? Plan on going either Sith inquisitor or Bounty hunter. I have a couple of friends in the beta and they are loving it. I am never that lucky.
  2. You can come live in my pink room if u want.
  3. So you have KOTOR and want to come hang out with me?
  4. Interested in this for XBOX. If you are willing to sell this item, send me a PM with the pricing information included.
  5. Do you guys play a lot... if so I might redownload and play again. I have all the expansions and stuff..
  6. heh did they ever nerf 55 monks... i have one on my account but havent played in forever.
  7. that was OK to say the best... I've heard better miss cleo prank calls than that...
  8. http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/finalfanta...=result;title;1 http://www.gamespot.com/ps3/rpg/finalfanta...=result;title;0
  9. stop ur *edited*ing, i bought you a house.
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