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  1. So no nips. Like this? This thread is as good a place to post it. There is everything and its Aunt Berthal in this thread.
  2. 3 Months later Starting Mild. I got to find out where the magic barrier is between boner and ban.
  3. Since no one reads the forums can I start posting porn?
  4. Nope. Baddie. {- Umbrella Raine Last Online: 305 days ago Almost a whole year!
  5. I am in full support of Occupy Wall Street. It keeps *edited*tards busy while I apply for the jobs they vacate. I'm also in support of Occupy Vaginas and Occupy Endzones.
  6. Also is AMX off the server or do I just have no privileges? I cannot tell.
  7. Given my current affiliations I could see this as a conflict of interests. If it is purely access then I don't see a problem, but I cannot be a CL. Also the .bsp I posted was for CSS, not 1.6. This is the correct .bsp. tapsdomain.net/download/cs/maps/blahhhh.bsp
  8. Few questions. Does anyone have box access to add new maps? Does anyone really care if we *edited* around with an empty Dust2 server? Can we toss this map up on the server for *edited*s and giggles?
  9. The trick Raine is that yes, killing minataurs gets lame after a while, being dennis rodman and punching things does not. Also been modding the hell out of the game and looking for fun and scary stuff, Like Hauls-Ropes-Faster in bed with a large burly orc. NOT THAT THE IS ANYTHING WRONG WITH IT. Still didn't want to walk in on their canoodling.
  10. I actually have around 10 levels backed up right now if I counted correctly. I'm doing certain missions at certain levels to make sure I get appropriately leveled spells and *edited*. Right now Dennis Rodman, the Hand to Hand master, is only level 6.
  11. GL getting new TF2 servers going. You can have all the servers in the world, but if you don't have people on them every day keeping them going or starting them once they are empty, they are doomed to fail. Not much TF2 community here at WCU either. I would gander there is a higher chance of getting 1.6 going again rather than TF2. I see at least 10 of the old regulars on at random times of the day each day. That being said, if you guys get a PL/PLR server going, I will help populate it. Only thing I play outside DiG. If its just a question of making them more fun, I su
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