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  1. All I can say is... holy crap. Consoles at the LAN this past weekend were absolutely phenomenal. Overall turn out was great among ALL consoles, and for that I am truly thrilled. Every tournament was incredibly popular (the smallest tourneys were Mario Kart 64 and Halo 3 both with 16 players) so it's obvious that something must have been going right. I really want to say thanks to my buddy Cacophony for helping out and being an awesome VP. He took over CoD4 and Halo 3 while I managed the other three Nintendo tournaments. Running on the schedule that we had for console games would have
  2. Made this thread so everyone will be able to see what - should - be coming to the mini-LAN this Saturday in Central. Post what you plan to bring so that we can all make sure that there are enough TVs and consoles and such. Feel free to bring any other games that you might would like to play, this is supposed to be a good ol' fun time with your favorite consoles. More variety = more interest!
  3. Yes. And I take back what I said about R.O.B.!
  4. What the crap? This is late. And I would imagine it would be settled since Captain Falcon is playing Brawl with me right now... Useless bumping!
  5. Same time would be silly!
  6. Aye, really need to know if CoD4 is going to PCs or Consoles, too...
  7. Lucario = Mewtwo done right. Ike = Roy done right. Lucas = up smash WILL kill you at 50%. Marth = Marth done right. And it's not that I expected R.O.B. to pwn anything, it's just that this game was made with every intention to balance every character. The most amazing thing I've seen so far is heavyweight characters are going to be a viable choice when it comes to tournament play.
  8. This just in: R.O.B. is terrible.
  9. Less tournaments moar free playingses.
  10. Melee didn't have any physics laws. =/
  11. Actually I don't wavedash in tournaments, and the character I play in Melee has no Wavedash. Peach doesn't need one.
  12. Guys and gals, just asking you all to be patient due to sudden changes in consoles. I know I'm no Oh Malley but I've been ensured that I'm entirely capable of managing this position. I hope to pick up right where he has left off and continue bringing more interest into console gaming and the WCU Gaming Club. Knowing this, I insist that all of you please, please, PLEASE be open about ANY concerns or questions that you may have as well as any new ideas to generate the club population. I am willing to help anyone as well as accept any help that is offered to me. Thank you very m
  13. Going to miss you Oh Malley. I have such large shoes to fill!
  14. Brawl is absolutely gorgeous. Still busy unlocking characters. So far Cacophony, Zap, and I have unlocked Luigi, Ness, Marth, Sonic, Lucario, Falco, Ganondorf, Captain Falcon, and Snake. I guess we're pretty much only missing Jigglypuff (wtf its always first to unlock), Star Wolf, Windwaker Link, Game & Watch, and ROB. As for balancing characters, Brawl is much more successful at this than Melee. I actually feel like I'm playing an - almost - fighter. But we still have so much to learn! Oh, and when it comes to customizing stages, this game is so simple to use. Just don't pla
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