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  1. i cant play with 0.01 on the server cuz it feels choppy for me so i play with .1
  2. I know i was warned but I'm just used to doing it. But after you slayed me I wanted to see if you really know what crouch hopping is. So I was just tapping crouch once. I even recorded demo in which you can clearly see me tapping it once and not twice . demo
  3. Ok i was warned. I stopped crouch hopping. Instead I was just running around tapping crouch once which is not crouch hopping but i still got kicked ...
  4. Ok crouch hopping, russian walking w/e u wanna call it is not allowed and people get kicked for that. I never see people kicked for bunny hopping though.
  5. I am not moving faster. And thinking your way bunny hopping should not be allowed as well.
  6. If you say that then you clearly have no clue. Like i said tapping crouch button ONCE does not give a player any adventage so therefore it is allowed. I am not gonna point out which admin kicked me. I just want you to make sure person knows the game and its bugs before he becomes an admin.
  7. I just want admins to learn what crouch hopping is so they dont kick people because they think they are crouch hopping.
  8. I know crouch hopping is not allowed on the server but some admins clearly do not know what crouch hopping is. So I am going to explain it to them. In order to crouch hop you have to tap your crouch button TWICE. Hitting it twice will make u crouch hop once. When you run and keep tapping crouch button ONCE at the time you are not crouch hopping. I hope admins will now be able to recognize when someone is crouch hopping and will not be kicking people who are tapping crouch button ONCE.
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