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  1. With this, it would need to be specific. For example, 2 sixteen-week semesters as defined by the University. Because, if you say just two semesters...If I got booted in November I could come back in August because the summer semester is technically a semester. So, we either need to state the time or state Fall and Spring semester! Just trying to remove another loophole
  2. Hey yall! I was wondering if the Gaming club would like to create a Relay For Life team?! Relay For Life is Friday, April 23rd at 6pm until Saturday, April 24th at 6am. This would be a great opportunity for the Gaming Club to spread our name out there and raise money for a good cause! 100% of the money raised for Relay goes towards cancer research. Anybody can join the team. If someone would like to create the team please go to www.relayforlife.org/wcu and simply create the team! I can't be Team Captain because I am Event Chair! If you have any questions I can help
  3. Go to http://www.wcu.edu/25429.asp to cast your vote for Homecoming Court. You can vote for 5 girls and 5 guys! Joseph DeLong, aka Thor, aka the Marketing guy, has been nominated for Homecoming King! Please vote to put him on the court Thanks guys!
  4. He actually is kinda Greek. It's not social Greek, it's actually service Greek! so....He does have a chance
  5. I am seriously not pleased with there being no arcade. The gaming club online people get a mega and from me. Good Day!
  6. DeLong kinda sounds "porn star-esque" haha! you could easily make the name Joe DeLong perverted or porn star material haha I mean serious...Joseph the Long! haha joys!
  7. none taken. I didn't know that the president grilled!
  8. How bout have the cookout on Saturday, December 6th. Everybody was already planning on going to the Dell LAN (for the most part) and so most people should hopefully still be available. We could start around noon and Thor could grill cause he does an AWESOME job
  9. $400 worth of pizza?!?!?! OMG!!!! that's pretty awesome!
  10. ok ok ok.... i get it... the free fliers idea did not work perfectly. But hey, we now have 2 new banners! That means we can now get way more fliers. We can easily get generic fliers to post around campus so that students know we exist, and we can also get fliers to advertise the LAN. It all works out!
  11. this is not the first time that LAN Attendance has been put up by the treasurer in a completely different thread. A simple PM to me would have been the best way to handle this situation. It's not a big deal honestly.
  12. how bout to settle the flyer issue just blame me! cause I know certain people are thinking it right now. I did my best. So, how bout we move on and start thinking of advertising for future LANs. The past is the past, you can't change it. So please stop talking about how *edited*y advertising was this time
  13. yeah there was an issue with printing. It's called there were 2 home football games during the time that I was trying to print them. I can't stop the printing of football programs for flyers. I did my best to get some printed and almost got fired for printing them. For future: we don't have to have the games listed on all the flyers. we could have some generic flyers to post early then after the games are official we can post more.
  14. in all actuality, it doesn't matter. As long as everything gets posted and is reported. I'm not trying to take away anybodies Gaming Club rights or anything, but the information is up. Who gives a crud who put it up? this is not the first time I have put up LAN attendance so I don't see why it is such a huge issue right now.
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