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  1. I miss you adam, i miss the server and this whole community, !.6 is dead. RIP all the good times.
  2. This is a topic about the World Cup, i had to make one. At 2:30 will be England VS USA
  3. Me and major where there for a good 20-30 min, and not 1 person joined Lemm Remove all ur current admins.
  4. Any people that are active admins of the CSS server post your Steam USERNAME so i can add you. I cant play with bots all day long.
  5. i know hes away, thats why im asking someone else to put it in the server.
  6. i took this rotation from Adam, because hes not around, just copy and paste. I did not make it
  7. no one is EVER on. I suggest you guys get the stats up or it will be like that =[ i miss playing css
  8. Add maps to the server except the default ones. And put the good rotation into place. the one now sucks *edited* put this one. Main 1.6 Server: de_dust2 (30) de_inferno (30) fy_snow (15) de_cbble (20) cs_office (20) as_oilrig (15) (all for you nickname ) de_aztec (25) de_vertigo (20) de_train (30) de_chateau(20) de_nuke (30) scoutzknivez (15)
  9. In my opinion, Counter Strike is dead, i dont see that many of the same people playing it, and i think we dont need 3 servers per game. We should be more focused on new awesome games more on old, unpopular ones. my 2 cents.
  10. Hey guys, havent posted on here in months, i miss all you guys and playing on your servers... Im back with a new account, with CSS, 1.6, TF2, MW2,L4D2 all the goodies. ( My cousin dint want his account, and i was the lucky winner lol?) And with a new name... Real Communist So add my new account, and youll see me on the servers way more offten. Steam Account name: Lee13169 Dont ask.
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