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  1. mmmmmmmm call of duty 2 loved it!!!!!!! ok there is a 5 map rotation in the server right now with de_dust as 1 of the 5 wtf? that kills it everytime
  2. Frady

    wat up

    haha yea lately i have been just slay me if i go from now on
  3. Keep feeling like im replying to old as *edited* topics HELP me!!!!!!
  4. yes lockem gets my drift too! italy definitely needs to go, no question about that...and office or aztec needs to go too! time to spice things up sooooooon! w00t w00t Yea i love office but it kills the server sometimes, italy is ok but it doesnt fill up the server by any means
  5. is there a vote for the map rotation? sure there is but i am a noob
  6. This rotation is great just gotta make sure that some of the map times arent to long, anyone know wat i mean? i love scoutz personally but some people dont like it and might leave, maybe it already is a 15 min map i dont know but it should be
  7. first time ive actually read all of these server rules, makes sense if you get banned or kicked for arguing with admins but some admins abuse this a little to much by just gagging to soon and makes people leave server
  8. Frady

    wat up

    hey this is Frady just saying wat up to all
  9. Back when the server was packed admins had less power to slap slay kick ban and wat not, admins should have the capability to do wat they think is right but they should be held accountable for their actions if they step out of line, i personally have been banned a few times lately for *edited*ing admins which sucks for them yes but a year or two they would not be able to ban someone just for making a good shot on them. Also the rules should be clearly stated for the server, i got banned for using an m4 one round on awp_dust, i acc bought it and used it and killed an admin and they banned me, t
  10. The server use to run great with a rotation that never changed, i cant remember how may maps there were but i think it was about 15? and the server used to stay packed, its ok to change the map if it is dead to try to get more people in but the rotation kept it interesting and even with maps like he_dodgeball in the rotation it would be full. im not saying put that map in the rotation but if u put a solid lineup in people will stay in the server
  11. yea those steps are great with helping any first time ventrilo users, great job
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