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  1. granted but you sale your old computer to get the new one, and the new computer is worse than your first one i wish i could play battlefield heros right now.
  2. Granted but instead of feeling down you are totally wired and can not sleep i wish i was good at CS:S
  3. granted but now work is at 5 a.m. I wish there was people on the WCU server
  4. granted but the fried chicken is covered with my special sauce I wish i was 21 years old
  5. granted but now no girl will have sex with you because they are stupid and do not the difference between inches and cm and they think you are too big for them I wish megan fox was in my room right now
  6. it took hours for me to download it and it looked at times as if the progress bar was not moving, but it did eventually work
  7. Nationals and i am a Gunner
  8. Has anyone else downloaded it yet because it is freaking sweet especially for a free game everyone needs to get it
  9. Even if it is populated with others it would be nice to have the wcu server versus, because most of us only play versus, and then we will not have to worry as much about our ping by joining random servers.
  10. i was 0 and 3 because i had no money and was the only person guarding b every round
  11. oh but you are wrong owned is always on top
  12. well i am definitely slightly attractive so i am going to go ahead and post
  13. I know this is an old thread, but since i am the most attractive person in the WCU community i figured i better be in it
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