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  1. so there was this girl who said she was dressing up as a school girl and going to a fantasy party and asked me what i would dress up as and i said a necromancer because they're the coolest class with high dps and excellent crowd control NEEDLESS TO SAY I WASN'T INVITED
  2. I met Dabo too! He saw my band playing! I was drunk and Lemm runs up stage with some random dude where I was singing at the time (I think it might have been between songs) and he start yelling at me about the guy next to him being Dabo. Lemm's girlfriend was rediculously drunk too.
  3. Has this always been the way games are decided? it is a serious mistake for CSS not to be at the lans...
  4. I don't mind trying to host a fun night...but the only reason I didn't is cuz the mods I needed were not fully set up and I didn't really have enough permissions to do a real "fun night". Once Lemm can give me access to Juggernaut or some nice maps like soccer or hockey then I will try and host another one. Until then, just bug Lemm until he hosts one
  5. ...Yes Lemm, I think you should look into giving the juggernaut some kind of rediculous skin...would make moar lolz
  6. Haha...well maybe next time. I am sure I will be visiting there again...possibly next semester??
  7. I am gonna be in Columbia visiting my brother the weekend of the Vandy game. I'm not gonna lan then...but maybe we could party or somethin while I am down?
  8. My last name is Rawls Which rhymes with balls So my nicknames is BallzRawlz...I just put the z to add some effect My name always has some form of Ballz in it...unless i just wanna change it hahaha
  9. Minesweeper: The only game that I die in 90% of the time yet still play religiously.
  10. BallzinurJawz


    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0Ys0J4rvFQ He's sooooo *edited*ed
  11. That sounds bad... If they don't take it...it is probably more along the lines of they can't take it.
  12. I will go ahead and tell you the answer you will receive for this suggestion... NO!
  13. I would actually be dissapointed if the last character was a horadrim warrior...if you look at the skill tree for the wizard...there is already a melee spell hybrid combination on the list of chars. I am still gonna be expecting some type of ranged dueler. Like I suggested before...maybe a aura/melee/ranged combination such as a paladin is going to be the most likely scenario for this last character. EDIT: I know the last char isn't gonna be a paladin...I was just saying it would be paladin-esque
  14. I could still be a ranger...just not called a ranger or an amazon or somethin like that... I was thinking maybe they would do like an elven class which would be based on dexterity like a ranger would be except maybe it would have some other skills so it doesnt have to be a ranger.
  15. robot or pirate is my next vote
  16. YO RCON!!! lol I was lookin at the game on the website and it looks like DotA with amazing graphics...I am actually pretty excited to play it...that is if I can get you to respond to this soon
  17. Lulz...it would be pretty baller if the last character was like a robot from the future which had plasma cannons instead of bows and arrows and the plasma was actually mana... I winz
  18. lulz..op? yes. i do believe so.
  19. one was revolutionary, but I own both so
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