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  1. There's hundreds of stupid glitches like that in Brawl. Also GL, I hope nobody stops you. If anyone complains, send them to http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Brawl+glitches and tell them to man up and use some.
  2. ...that was awesome lol I wish I was coming.
  3. Kaz, you started this topic as something urgent that needed attention immediately. Leaving it at "everyone chill, I got this" isn't very reassuring. Did you call Adam yet?
  4. There's really nothing more to be said after Adam's post. You guys need to amend the constitution to clear up some wording and be done with it, there's no reason to demote the more valuable members of the club.
  5. Good decision. Too bad it looks like I can't make it to the LAN this time, maybe the next one.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jofQlIoaWo I laughed so hard.
  7. They're adding eight characters to the lineup, three of which have been confirmed - T.Hawk and DeeJay, and a new character named Juri. You also forgot to mention how they're releasing it as a standalone game, but it will only cost maybe $30-40 because they still consider it an expansion. So if you bought SFIV the first time around, lol. Extra laughs if you bought a limited edition. I'll have to wait and see the changes they made for myself. If the game is actually fun to play this time, I might think of getting it.
  8. Definitely a bad idea. I entered the last Halo 3 tournament you guys tried this in thinking I was gonna play with a buddy; instead I was with three random strangers, getting the least kills/most deaths (except for one round where I was top, but someone on the other team complained about something and we had to restart) and overall I didn't have a fun time.
  9. Bumper's cool though, as it's VERY short range before it stalls and does its job. Things like Baseball Bat and Star Rod are 1249715905 times more useful when thrown than using their smash though, it's like a 50 mph Falcon Punch with infinite range and no startup lag. Too *edited*.
  10. You guys played for like 5 minutes one saturday before getting back to SC or Melee, didn't really count
  11. Only things I advise against on that list, Mushrooms/Starman - Both of these could easily decide a match, and half the time spawn right next to someone/in their path giving them a free, large advantage. Beam Sword/Home-Run Bat/Star Rod/Unira - Not because of their intended use, but they're *edited*ing powerful when thrown at someone. Star Rod actually sends them at a downward angle I believe. Fan - spam A, get lots of free damage, don't get punished. It's speed is too much to justify the damage. Containers - Nothing sucks more than starting an attack, and an exploding capsule spawning i
  12. Kazka and Nebs never played this *edited* with me, man did they miss out. Game is so great.
  13. PSP Soul Calibur tournament ftw. I'd come and rep Dampierre.
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