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  1. There's hundreds of stupid glitches like that in Brawl. Also GL, I hope nobody stops you. If anyone complains, send them to http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=Brawl+glitches and tell them to man up and use some.
  2. ...that was awesome lol I wish I was coming.
  3. Kaz, you started this topic as something urgent that needed attention immediately. Leaving it at "everyone chill, I got this" isn't very reassuring. Did you call Adam yet?
  4. There's really nothing more to be said after Adam's post. You guys need to amend the constitution to clear up some wording and be done with it, there's no reason to demote the more valuable members of the club.
  5. Good decision. Too bad it looks like I can't make it to the LAN this time, maybe the next one.
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jofQlIoaWo I laughed so hard.
  7. They're adding eight characters to the lineup, three of which have been confirmed - T.Hawk and DeeJay, and a new character named Juri. You also forgot to mention how they're releasing it as a standalone game, but it will only cost maybe $30-40 because they still consider it an expansion. So if you bought SFIV the first time around, lol. Extra laughs if you bought a limited edition. I'll have to wait and see the changes they made for myself. If the game is actually fun to play this time, I might think of getting it.
  8. Definitely a bad idea. I entered the last Halo 3 tournament you guys tried this in thinking I was gonna play with a buddy; instead I was with three random strangers, getting the least kills/most deaths (except for one round where I was top, but someone on the other team complained about something and we had to restart) and overall I didn't have a fun time.
  9. Bumper's cool though, as it's VERY short range before it stalls and does its job. Things like Baseball Bat and Star Rod are 1249715905 times more useful when thrown than using their smash though, it's like a 50 mph Falcon Punch with infinite range and no startup lag. Too *edited*.
  10. You guys played for like 5 minutes one saturday before getting back to SC or Melee, didn't really count
  11. Only things I advise against on that list, Mushrooms/Starman - Both of these could easily decide a match, and half the time spawn right next to someone/in their path giving them a free, large advantage. Beam Sword/Home-Run Bat/Star Rod/Unira - Not because of their intended use, but they're *edited*ing powerful when thrown at someone. Star Rod actually sends them at a downward angle I believe. Fan - spam A, get lots of free damage, don't get punished. It's speed is too much to justify the damage. Containers - Nothing sucks more than starting an attack, and an exploding capsule spawning i
  12. Kazka and Nebs never played this *edited* with me, man did they miss out. Game is so great.
  13. PSP Soul Calibur tournament ftw. I'd come and rep Dampierre.
  14. Sup guys. *edited*, those are alot of stages you're allowing this time for Brawl. I hope nobody knows there how to use Dedede.
  15. SC4 Finals had some amazing hype - a ZASALAMEL made it into the top 8, along with a Voldo, a Cassandra, a french Ivy, two Amys and two Hildes. The french Ivy, Malek, won first place in the finals against KDZ (Cass). OmegaMitsurugi (the Zas) won his first top 8 match against the Voldo (in losers), but then counterpicked Nightmare against a Hilde and lost. KDZ tried Astaroth against an Amy and got sent to Losers, where he had to fight BOTH Hildes and took the victory both times. These were some amazing matches. Mad respect to Omega, KDZ, and Malek for doing so well against everyone.
  16. lol, they've done a horrible job with the feed so far. There were a few straight hours yesterday of "technical difficulties" (aka giving us a blank screen), and more blank screen today for the majority of when they were going to show SC4 for us. :/ What they showed us: All of yesterday - only SF4 pools Early today - SF2T HDR pools Before today's black screen - four matches of SC4 pools When they came back - lol nothing but SF4
  17. So far I've read (opinions) that it's really slow-paced for a GG-style game. Some people have compared BlazBlue to Brawl in relation to it's slower pace and overall easier gameplay compared to it's predecessor, but I don't know how drastic the difference is (having not played it yet/not played GG in forever).
  18. http://evo2k.com/live/ In case anyone's interested in watching, EVO will be streaming matches for today and tomorrow, with finals on Sunday. It's been on for an hour already, they're doing SF4 pools right now. I just watched a match of Jibbo from Fayetteville NC, and was called the best Gen in the world. I didn't know we had someone that good in NC, but that was one hell of a beatdown he gave in his first round (vs. a Ken). The Feed Schedule (remember, these times are in Vegas):
  19. Source: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=237291 All the info needed to do it/how to control Master Hand is in the first page of the source link. This is so fun to mess around with. What this glitch really does is allows you to start a match with illegal conditions, and having no character selected defaults you to Master Hand (though only player 3 can control him). This glitch also allows you to start a match with only one player (for practice or video purposes), and start a match with four players on the same team - if all four players are the same character, the fourth will
  20. I think my suggestion was misunderstood - I'm not suggesting to replace Brawl with Melee. Through my own analysis and logic, I only suggested Brawl as free play for the plethora of reasons in my last post. Don't take offense to this post Ephraim, but I'm going to use bits of your post to provide examples of the usual logic when it comes to choosing LAN games, because you covered it well. This is normally a great way of doing things. However, I suggested doing away with it for reasons surrounding Brawl specifically. There would be the lowest negative impact on our playerbase if this game
  21. My personal dislike of Brawl doesn't factor into my suggestion of making it free play only, but the opinions and priorities of the people who enter it's tournaments do. I've talked to our Brawl entrants often between matches, and I've found that at least 80% of them come to the LANs either for a different game or free play - Brawl is just a way to pass the time for them. Yes, I do know that a small percentage of entrants play the game regularly. Ephraim does obvously; Matt F. plays Brawl with his group of friends every once in a while (Matt would play Melee more, but his group of friends
  22. Actually Mike, I was suggesting only 4 games. One new Fighter/FPS and one repeat Fighter/FPS. I'm sure we'd still have Brawl set up for free play under this, except we wouldn't have to spend prize money on it and it would be played by more people since the Wii's won't be set aside for a tournament. Angel and Devon might be dissapointed, but there's maybe five people on campus that even take Brawl seriously, two of them being Ephraim.
  23. Well I'm still allowed to come back, but it's that whole issue of paying for it. I don't have a single family member with good credit to cosign on anything.
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