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  1. Can you elaborate on what you use that for?
  2. Ok lets say they did make the attachable external blueray for xbox and it came out now. The cost dif. between the blue ray attachment for xbox and a stand alone blueray would prob be not that much and it would only provide a minimal convenience to the consumer over a stand alone unit. Their best bet was to put it in the slim but there is a prob with that. They would have never put it in the slim since the addition of it this late in the game would not be beneficial to MS. The xbox will still only play DVD games due to compatibility issues with older xboxs so the built in blueray become
  3. Ephraim we will see what you have to say next time I see you. None of this pretending that you didnt see me when you come to the mini LANs then run away. If you got something to say to me, say it to my face you *edited*.
  4. I dont see how you came to the conclusion that I made because your posts say something different. If this is what you meant to say then sorry about that: 1) If he thinks he'll play PS3 games, get a PS3 2) If he's not interested in the games, get a regular bluray player 3) Getting both an XBOX and bluray is a waste of money I agree completely.
  5. lol wow mitch your even stupider than you let on and everyone is enjoying your bs by the way. Well, Lemm all I have to say is seriously go somewhere else for your information or pm me if not then good luck lol.
  6. You know what *edited* this *edited*. I only got on to help Lemm out, and im not going to discuss the gaming industry or Euler's proofs with you ...Its not worth my time since you will always disagree with something anyone says.....Im not going to continue this. I got to finish my MS thesis and I need to focus and not be ranting on here, so end this and dont post. Im going back to what I and the rest of the students do. Not get on this *edited*ty site.
  7. Yes they have even in some of the first titles but in digital signal processing its not as simple as that. Its about efficiency in computational methods, after all it's a parallel processing architecture. What im saying is if they wanted they could calculate the physics for every nail in a exploding nail bomb but its up to them to apply the calculations to be done simultaneously using the number crunching cores. This parallel processing architecture makes this possible since an explosion like that appears to happen within an instant. This complex parallel processing of calculations can be do
  8. I cant believe i got on this *edited*ty site and made a post but, Mitch once again your ignorance makes you look like a fool and im sick of it, just shut up. Even on day one the Wii was never revolutionary nor was it the first to use any of the technology it uses. The same engineers that designed the move had the initial design since before 2002. There is a video of the very same engineer presenting his work at an engineering convention in 2002 but i cant find it...here is a tech demo from 2003 for the same device from that very engineer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpNdkm9s8AY
  9. 1. It is one of the best since it gets firmware updates .....and FYI with the firmware update 3.50 the PS3 blue ray player is now a 3D blue ray player. 2. YES 3. It works well but I dont prefer it since I i know the button config of the ps3 controller better than the remote. Also the remote requires batteries as the controller does not.
  10. Yes, it uses the ball as a 3D sensor if you will....Since the ball stays a constant size it's easily and consistently able give a dept reading. When you incorporate this dept perception with the 3 axis accelerometer and gyroscope (six-axis) within the remote you get acceleration and orientation readings in that 3d space which is why they use a ball at the end. The different colors are programed by the developers to distinguish player 1 and 2 etc. and different statuses within a particular game. (if your using fire it may turn red)....When you use it in a FPS it feels like using a mouse. I u
  11. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Uncharted_2 Here is a link to wiki. It sums up what it is and has reviews etc. You dont need to have played the first one to understand the second one but it certainly makes it more enjoyable.
  12. I could do it eventhough most of what you talked about isnt necessary or seldomly needs to be done. Do i want too? not completly, but i would if i had to, but despite that, its points like what you said above we are gonna discuss... we both know there are people on the list of admins that have no business being on there and some of the people on the list have permissions that they dont need or should not have and these need to be revised...Efrum you really need to quit stiring things up you obviously didnt hear the whole thing and what your claiming makes no sense because of lack of motive...I
  13. Mitch what is this grudge you speak of. I thought we were friends wtf...and your so called informant has completely misunderstood the situation due to only hearing half of the conversation...and why do you think this is all my idea...i just got sucked into this whole thing, this is not my doing nor is it mike's...I of all people know what you guys do and you can still do it but it has to be done through an actual student exec. Its only right. I will send you a message why this was brought to our attention and why this is being considered.
  14. You guys need to relax nobody is attacking anybody,recent events have made it clear that the current execs are not in control of the website, servers, ect...we have become too dependent on the Alumni and aid of people outside of this school...I speak for the club when i say alumni like adambomb, nickname, and mitch are very important and we dont want you guys to be sore over this...The point is, despite it not being allowed for people who dont go to the school to have any kind of power in the club, we need to tie up loose ends that are a risk to the sites security. There for all people that no
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