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  1. Spoiler Alert: Vader lives.
  2. I might show up with my *edited* green/red deck. We will see. Oh and FYI, the mini-LAN will be postponed until this is over (cause I imagine many of the people who show up will be attending this and honestly, like I said above, I might go )
  3. Yes, bring them and give them to me, Felix or Tallgeese and we will bring it up.
  4. Saturdays. 5 PM- 2 AM Central MP Room. Bring whatever you want. thats right on the money Ephraim.
  5. Yea, but I am looking for many things in the experiment.
  6. I didnt know where to put this, so screw it, Im putting it here lol. Anyway..... This Saturday, I will be conducting my senior thesis experiment and I need some participants (the more the better!). If you are interested, PM me or post here. Thanks all and I hope to see many of you this Saturday!
  7. I email her and if we get no response and the kitchen is unlocked, I just walk in lol.
  8. FTE Kaz-Ka

    So Retarded

    Wanna beat the hell outta whoever made that SO BAD! lol j/k
  9. It's all good. I've been wanting a 1v1 tournament for a loooooooong time and never got one *edited* really? Could have sworn we did. Idk though
  10. Yeah I see how it is. Now that I'm not there you go 1v1... I see what you did there... We are going to try to do a teams tournament too lol These console sections of the forums have been dead for quite some time. Just sayn
  11. Mario Kart 64: - 1v1, 2/3 races - All characters may be played, including unlockable characters. -150cc difficulty setting -Courses will be chosen by random selection from the Star, Mushroom, and Flower Cups. Finals will be played on the Special Cup - No course can be chosen twice in a row. Super Smash Bros Melee: - 1v1 - All characters allowed - No Items - The random select is comprised of neutral stages: * Yoshi's Story * Fountain of Dreams * Battlefield * Dream Land (N64) * Final Destination -
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