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Yeah I'm not concerned about that aspect so much as I'll probably team-up for it.


So far it cuts through commons and uniques like a warm knife through butter but I do have trouble with bosses. I just don't have the HP for a 1v1 fight against them but in a small team where I'm not the target I normally beat the *edited* of out them too. Once I get my valk I'll probably be able to manage on my own.

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PVM Bowazons are hard. If you are playing untwinked or "whatever you find" then you will have massive difficulties when you reach Hell. Even Raine moved items between the guys so that he could get the best gear on his characters. First off, Bowazons tend not to deal a lot of dmg so when you get to hell where 75% of everything is cold resistant (if you take the ice route), or super fast with iron skin you will quickly find yourself crying in the corner dead. If you do go and trade for gear ( www.d2jsp.org ) then you can get gear that will help you through hell. You could then make a Faith Bow in a +3 all skills GM Bow and that would up your dmg greatly. If Icezon, you could also use an Infinity Polearm on your Merc and hopefully Cold Immunes won't be a problem then. These are *edited*ing hard to get and it is much more fun to play untwinked IMO.


Personally I've only had one untwinked character make it to hell. Nightmare is easy for most characters because they finally have their main skill and they took away the *edited* NM FE Glitch. Once my sorc made it to hell, she was highly ineffectual. The elemental res that everything has makes all elemental characters useless. My roommate had a barb that was fine until Mephisto where he got chiefed because his Res sucked.



Also, I would put only 1 point into Valky as if you do trade for gear then you should have at least +20 to skill and only one point will suffices. This is true for many of the passive skills as well. I wouldn't skimp on the evasion/blocking skills, but one in Crit Strike would be fine as it plateaus around +18 to skills. I would make my skill tree as such:


20 Strafe - main skill for hordes

20 Guided Arrow - for bosses

20 Evade - My roommate had his chance to evade at like 75% making him nearly impervious to harm. This is *edited*ing handy in hell.

10 Penetrate

10 Avoid

10 Dodge

10 Pierce

rest - 1 in: Inner Sight, Slow Missles, Decoy, Valky, Crit Strike, Magic Arrow, Multi Shot, Cold Arrow, Remaining in Pierce.



*edited* around here to play with it.


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