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ANNOUNCEMENT - PC mini-lan Friday, December 5th, 6-12pm

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We will be having an informal get-together "mini-lan" this friday night starting at 6pm, running through around 12, in the Belk lab, room 358. This will be a BYOC (bring your own computer) event. We will be playing a mixture of CS 1.6, Left 4 Dead, and anything else that people want to play (maybe TF2).


There will be NO ENTRY FEE, but likewise there will be no prizes and/or refreshments. There is a drink machine in the belk lobby if you want to buy drinks and we may try to pool some money and order some pizzas if people want (I would), but otherwise if you don't want to pool money for pizza, make sure you eat beforehand.


This is just to be a good pre-exam stress reliever and a chance for the PC gamers to get together and have some fun. There won't really be a schedule or tournament planned, but we can make one up if people want. Basically, come have fun and play some games with your friends.


REPLY TO THIS TOPIC IF YOU PLAN TO ATTEND. (I want to get an approximate headcount)

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I might make it..I am going to harass Adam37, ZachATTACK, and Liet to COME ON DOWN! to the Price Is Right..a dood from my h.s. that went here was on there a few years ago and won EVERYTHING! he rocks..mad funny dood...David Kemnitz ..think I spelt it ryte...LOOT.

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