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Counter Strike Tournament Layout

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You could take all the names put them in a hat draw 8 names these guys will be the captains of the teams and they each draw 3 names to make there teams. This would help making it fairer sense you don't get to chose your team per-say . And you run it 4 times and the lowest score each match gets kicked till you have 8 people then top 4 and then 2 final the last guy standing is the winner of the LAN .

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ok heres how you should do it:


32 people in server....top 8 on each side advance...

then top 4..then top 2, then top 1


then you go to 1v1 style for grand prize


we could use CAL.cfg, CAL maps, not any fy,cs,he maps....de maps only







and so on...


we could play 15 rounds of each side, like an actaully CAL match and try to keep the teams as balanced as possible. I dunno its up to you, but this is just my imput :-)

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