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Close to unlocked Wii

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The guys who came up with the stack overflow crash that lets you inject custom code into the Wii's firmware are working on a way to completely bypass the Wii's entire base operating system and let you use your own. This not only creates an unbrickable Wii but would also allow you to boot the Wii to any powerpc processor compatible operating system such as Linux without even having to touch the normal Nintendo code. All it takes is installing a custom boot loader, almost exactly the same concept behind PC dualbooting. Right now they are focusing mainly on booting from SD slot but they have the ability to boot to USB hard drive as well.


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aka free wii game rip iso's? or whats the advantage?

You can already play copied games with a free software mod. Short of having good games, this would put the Wii on the same level of media center and home entertainment capability as its competitors.


I already told you Mike, you can unbrick a Wii with a $30 chip that plugs into the gamecube memory slots and forces the Wii into diagnostic/repair mode. Yours is updated far enough to take less than 5 minutes to unbrick. Besides, the mod process is extremely safe, much safer than mod chips.

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ugg some of that is confusing... I read up on it for a while and it requires some sort of twilight hack.. u must have the game zelda: twilight princess, which I do, but it seems to be dependent on what version you have updated to


and I always update mine.. so i dunno wuts going on



mebbe i'll try it when i can see it gets more stable but I like how they at least had at one time a dvd player on the wii that nintendo decides to break.. i dunno it seems like they could be using their time to make games better rather than screw up peoples hobbies


at least the dvd player doesn't really break any laws.. (as far as I know) the emulation thing is against the law if you don't own the game

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