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For those of you attending the LAN, please look over my proposed itinerary and make comments suggestions and help me out if i missed something.


First note, nothing is final until the 19th of March.

Second note, Lan is on Saturday the 21st of March, and TF2 will be from 4:30 PM - 7:30 PM




I plan on having 4 teams. Team size will be determined by the number of sign ups in first come first serve. unless everyone agrees, i dont plan on letting team sizes be unbalanced. (AKA, we get 26 ppl signed up, only the first 24 will be played to make a even 6 player teams)

Round 1

team 1 vs team 2 -> team 1 wins

team 3 vs team 4 -> team 3 wins

Round 2

team 1 vs team 3 -> team 1 wins (team 1 advances to final)

team 2 vs team 4 -> team 2 wins (team 4 eliminated

round 3

team 2 vs team 3 -> winner advances to final

team 1 vs team 4 on some fun map just for fun or they can opt not to play

Round 4

team 1 vs winner of team 2 vs team 3




Maps need 4, suggest

Currently the wcu servers set up with GravelPit, DustBowl, GoldRush, 2Fort, so might be picking some of these maps as this is what the population currently plays on. I would like to replace goldrush with Granary for the tourry. the maps can really be a last minute thing, so what do yall wanna play?




Time alloted 3hrs

4 Rounds @ 30mins "in game" time limit

Setting up teams = 10-15 minutes

Getting into servers = 10 minutes

Announcing winners between matches = 10 minutes

Tie-Breakers = 15 minutes

Total: 2.9hrs - AKA, You don't have time to *edited* around, i tryed to account for all time and with using max time on everything it should not go over the 3hrs alloted.. (thou it some how always does) If you see any problems with this, or if i missed something please point it out.




All items are allowed if you have them unlocked.



Class Limit Structure

if 5 or less per team only 1 person per class.


if more than 5 per team class limits are as followed:

2 - Soldiers

2 - Scouts

2 - Pyros

2 - Sniper

1 - Medic

1 - Heavy

1 - Spy

1 - Demoman

1 – Engineer


Tie Breaker

In the event of a even score the first team that scored will advance.

In the event both teams have a score of zero, one class will be selected that everyone must play. (open to anything here, so again suggestions welcomed)




Everyone's favorite

 One cannot quantify that which is subjective. Skill is subjective to a large degree. You might know who the best player is but you typically have an extremely hard time in picking 5 people for 4 different teams and making sure their skill levels add up to match the other 3 teams skill levels (or whatever one wants to use to quantify it).

Someone always gets screwed.

average player skill levels that are impossible to determine. People get lucky, people have off days, people have on days, some are just absolutely bad at games. Balance cannot be achieved when you are basing it on skill. At the very least there will never be 4 even teams.

If you are gonna promote random teams, expect to be put on a *edited*ty team that will frustrate the crap out of you. Just like the CSS team balancer, teams will never be balanced, no matter how hard you try. The intention is sound but the method fails and frustrates many.

I have been saying it forever; we need gym-class style team picking. That way people can be on teams with friends and overall the teams would be mostly balanced. Sorry if you get picked last, but if you do, you probably already know you are terrible.

Pretty much everyone agrees with the above, that their is no way to balance 4 team, its easier to win the powerball...

This is a LAN Party, HAVE FUN. If you dont come to these events to have a good time stick to online playing please. :)


Going to try something new this go around, tell me watcha think.


I am going to have a sign up sheet with me, everyone that would like to play need to report to me to sign them in.

On this sheet i will get your name and a skill level 1-10 and please be honest (if you say you are a 10 and suck, your team is more than likely going to loose), and i'll know if your a noob so dont be putting down a 1 when you know you haz t3h skillz. This is for you guys, if you lie/cheat, its simply not going to be ran fair. Again come to have fun and be honest.


i am allowing you to pick 1 friend you would like to play with. You both must come to me at the same time to sign in.


Once i get a filled sheet, its going to be gym-class style. I will pick 4 captions (i am not one to be fair), and we will sit together looking at the sheet and selecting teams we think is going to be the most balanced. (god have mercy on our soles). Once all said and done, the teams will be announced.

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Also i just read "Dinner will be served at 6:30 PM. " this is in the dead middle of our tournament, so idk wut to do about that. I dont pick the times. i guess tf2 will get some leeway to run longer....? EAT FAST!

Eating times are usually pretty fast. We had hoped to either have it over with by dinner or have all but the final round.


Regardless, food comes first and if we have to pause a game server side we will.

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Seems to me like it looks solid and will function fine. It'll be a hassle getting things going at first, but then again, what won't be? As long as things have run smoothly before, then I think this'll work pretty well.


Btw, anyone want to be my "friend" and team with me? :P

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