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pixxx!!! LOOT. (PROOF iz kneaded)


I herd u wuz a "consul" *edited* now. WTF?! I been in 1.6 a lot...where u at? Need me some headshots to LOOTs face on SCOUTZKNIVEZ DAWG QFQFQWEQWEQW#########~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!

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link, i must play it


You can't I invented it on the CSS server when I got bored. Back when I had my own 10-12 slot testing server that I would randomly pull people into to test *edited*. I think Liam stole it at one point and put his own name on it. You know, Microsofted it up or whatever. I can explain it in detail if you wish.

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He did steal it from you...


I remember when you did it, and it was better...


Only thing I wanted to add was the ability to play Captain Planet when you became the juggernaught.

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