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The Fliers are back!

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I know I say this EVERY TIME but it needs saying again I think.


I am a commuter. I don't go to the residence halls. Western has LOTS of commuters. They also do not go to the residence halls. However, whither on-campus or commuter, ALL STUDENTS VISIT THE ACADEMIC BUILDINGS. Therefore, we should make a conscious effort to PUT FLYERS IN THE ACADEMIC BUILDINGS.


That is all.

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Today, I put a bunch of fliers up in the academic buldings (and UC). It's a lot trickier to find spaces to put them up this semester. Last year, the academic buildings were free-range space. This semester, the university only wants us to put them in specific spots, so there are less oppertunities to put up fliers and competition is a much bigger factor.

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again THERE ARE NO FLIERS IN BENTON... I walked the whole building looking for them 2 hours ago... so unless they took them down for not asking steve first, then he was talking about the fliers from the last lan. i would atleast put one on my door but i have no ink.

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We will be fine without it, everyone knows what needs to be done (and even if they dont, I posted it on the forums) and there are only really things left to do:


-Put up the rest of the fliers (will try to do either today or friday, at the latest)

-Run the Gaming desks (will be done next monday through friday)

-Go prize shopping for the games that do not have prizes (will be done this weekend)

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