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The Fliers are back!

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Just FYI if you dont give them to res life or ask the RD they will be taken down in the dorms within the day. the flyers in benton are gone except the one on my door



I would give 5 max to the RD of each dorm

Then place teh rest in spots that might actually catch someones eyes.


i would rather place one in a high traffic area where 100 people will pass by it and it be taken down within a day rather than placing 1 on the poster board with elevendy million other fliers where it does not stand out, yet it stays up longer... But really do whatever make you happy its not rocket science.

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i saw that SC2 was on the list though..oh no..did it get taken away? you need any help puttin up ish in the freshman area? you saw the ONE i put in el bano or the ones near the mail??? LOOT.

near the mail I was standing there talking to kip and it was on the table and I did a double take and yelled OMG THIS IS AWESOME

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As of right now only one of them because the person at the UC told me that he would be surpirsed if we got that one up (which we did). I am going to see who I have to taqlk to to get the other one put up in Dodson.

We don't deal with people at the UC, we deal with their boss. If you need to get something done go staight to the top.


The people that work the desk have a horrible reputation of screwing the club, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. We have just as much right to banner space as everyone else and if you notice an empty spot tell them you want our banner there or you're emailing Keith Corzine and telling him the UC staff is refusing to put it up. Roll some heads, it's how you get stuff done.

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