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Holy crap. A TB of purchased music...

I have a TB hard drive but it only has about 300GB worth of stuff on it, most of it is games, CD/DVD images, etc. I probably have a lot less music than most of you, at around 4.5GB, and yeah it is all legal, it is from me ripping my CDs (yes I actually do still buy CDs).


Also of note after I posted that image of my desktop, I shut down my computer. I turned it on a few hours later and my user profile was corrupt. I ended up having to make a new profile so now my computer doesnt even look like that lol.

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if you can't anticipate the amount of freeloaders when becoming an artist in this day and age, then you shouldn't be in the business. Prime example, lil'wayne. Sure, you can not like his music or his genre, but he has done unlimited colaborations and promotionals, most of which is on myspace and free. When his album finally dropped, he sold a million copies in like a week or something stupid. The idea here is quantity and quality. You just have to keep producing. If your *edited* is good enough, it will be bought.


There is nothing wrong with downloading music, just like there is nothing wrong from ripping off peoples art to use as desktop backgrounds, or posters. What gives people the right to set there background to whatever the hell they want? Using someone else's work, that took them time and money?? It's the same *edited* thing, just part of the business. And, sure call it "illegal", but it's only illegal if you keep the torrent file on your computer. Erase that, and your golden.


Which is why I keep buying only the highest of quality music, and stealing the rest. I mean borrowing, not stealing. stealing is bad. :)

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CAL isn't dead. It got bought out by a company from Dubai or something or are completely revamping it. Fixing up the CPL and whatnot as well. New administration, new rules, new everything.


At least thats what I heard.

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Since day 1.

That's a stretch. CAL has never really cared about cheaters and their anticheats either 1) lag a server all to hell and don't work or 2) seriously invade your privacy and still be vulnerable to process hooks.

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