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just so everyone knows.. im sure ur aware all those updates with jump sounds etc were replaced read full article here http://www.gotfrag.com/cs/story/44189/


GotFrag.com - Following community outcry and many attempted fixes to the crouch hopping "fix" the following updates have just been patched in for Counter-Strike 1.6


* Rolled back recent silent walking exploit fixes as we investigate less impactful ways of preventing the bug

* Adjusted bomb bounding box to prevent silent plant exploit

* Fix to eliminate or significantly reduce "flashbugs"

* Fixed status icons (buy zone, bomb zone, etc) disappearing when starting a recording, or issuing a fullupdate

* Prevent creating aliases using the same name as existing cvars

* Rate limit fullupdate and some other commands to prevent spamming

* Fixed an issue with grenades where they could go into an area and bounce infinitely, causing the server to choke and or crash


Many of these updates to 1.6 have been a long time coming, and also hopefully will have a positive impact on the competitive scene, the removal of flash bugs and silent planting will greatly reduce possible disputes in both online and LAN play, along with the reversal of the botched fix Valve implemented last month for crouch hopping should improve competitive play at all levels.


Other updates such as the nade bouncing fix and the buy zone when recording fix are sure to be much appreciated and it's nice that someone at valve took the time to fix some of these old bugs, hopefully with continued support by Valve 1.6 will keep becoming a more bug free game for all of us to enjoy for many more years to come.

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sad to see the rolling nades go :(


but the crouchhopping fix was more of a pain than a fix, nice to see Valve recognize this and rolled it back whilst other avenues are explored.


GJ Valve. Nice to see some attention being spent on what still is their best game

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Making noise while jumping was annoying. @_@


I came back from my hiatus to see that crap.


lol, chet was complaining today about the nades not being able to roll anymore. Don't know if he knew about the update cuz he was going on about it for like a minute.

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its coo and lame at same tyme cuz of some of those fixes..is the reverse nade trick for CT at spawn on Dust fixed? is that wat it means?? NOOOOO! I thought i was so kewl when i copied someone doin dat and then nubez axed me to explain how me do itzzz...LooTool (adamBAHM..come get you clothes..cant believe you walked home neked..when we do this lan at yo crib? dyce get up har nao!!!)

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