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Recent LAN problems: Console Side

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Again, let me talk to Caldwell about funding before we jump to do this.

You might want to also poke your head into Keith's office and remind him about the server. I've been on him all summer and not really getting anywhere. Now that the new budget is in he should at least be able to give you a straight answer on how our prospects are.

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It seems like the PC community has really lost its footing over the past several years. When I first joined the gaming club, it was the PC community that was strong and well-founded while the consoles barely had any representation or organization. Now it's flip-flopped. I believe it's because of the rapid growth of the console side and it fighting for equal representation. And now it's dominated the PC side. Let's not forget the club's roots and try to build the PC section back to what it once was. (Note: I'm strictly speaking in terms of on-campus presence. The on-campus presence is the foundation of the club as a whole, both on-line and off-line.)


Having the alternating schedule of free play LANs and competitive LANs allow for more time to obtain big name sponsors for the competitive LANs and more time to spread word if you're looking to attract a lot of new people from the outlying areas. The free play LAN would just bolster on-campus bonding and hopefully build the foundation a little bit stronger.


I'm not saying we schedule more LANs. It'd be nice if we could. But instead, provide clarity and focus to the LAN. For too long, we've been trying to hold this balance of free play and competition at every LAN and it's been failing pretty hard. Let's just try something new for a year, see how it works.

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