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Master Hand playable in SSBM without an AR

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Source: http://www.smashboards.com/showthread.php?t=237291


All the info needed to do it/how to control Master Hand is in the first page of the source link.


This is so fun to mess around with. What this glitch really does is allows you to start a match with illegal conditions, and having no character selected defaults you to Master Hand (though only player 3 can control him). This glitch also allows you to start a match with only one player (for practice or video purposes), and start a match with four players on the same team - if all four players are the same character, the fourth will be completely black (like in the Shadow Link event).


Master Hand can't actually die btw. He has %s like everyone else when you use him outside of Stamina Mode, and he can't get knocked back by anything. On the other hand, all of his moves are telegraphed for like 10 seconds before they hit, so anyone who's played Classic Mode in their life won't get hit by him. He can lose to time though, by having more % than someone else (which is practically guarenteed since he's so easily hit/dodged). So say hello to Melee's new tournament legal, bottom tier character. :rolleyes:


8 years since launch and *edited* is still being discovered in this game, lol. It's great.

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