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Alright everyone.


I'm lucky enough to have today off, so I am currently working on any issues that anyone has today.


I'm currently working on the issue with RTV, where it does not display maps once the number for RTV has been reached.


Anything else you want worked on (not mapcycle related, because its NOT changing), post em here, or PM me on steam

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RTV Settings (default)


-Must wait 5 mins after map has begun to rtv

-When 30% (Default) of the players said rockthevote then comes the mapvote.

-When 8 (default) players said rockthevote then comes the mapvote.

-After 10 (default) seconds the voting is over and the server change the map.


These are the new settings that will be in affect for RTV

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Disable buying or restrict buying to just pistols on awp_dust please. <3


What's the ping kicker set to? I feel like something's wrong with it, but I'm not sure.

high ping kicker is now set to 175, it wasnt even set for some reason <_<


working on the weapons restrict now

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Also, looking at HLSW, our stats arent working exactly right because we changed the server rcon and didnt update it with the stats system...working on that too

Oh, yeah, I was going to ask about the stats. Is this the reason why they're not showing number of deaths (which is why everyone has 100% efficiency)? Or is affecting more than just that?


high ping kicker is now set to 175, it wasnt even set for some reason <_<


working on the weapons restrict now

Yay! Thanks. :D


Can it be put back to like 150, though?


Also, one more thing, /me used to be set so that it didn't work when you were alive (people were abusing it a lot); it only worked when you're dead. However, it's the opposite now. You can't view dmg dealt when you're dead and it works when you're alive. If it can't be set to how it was before, can it be fixed so that it displays dmg when you're dead? It just shows 0 dmg done.

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I'm going to pm adam about this, but I'm posting it here, too, so everyone knows it was reported.


RTV is messed up. We voted on italy and it went to dust2. Prior to this, we played awp_dust, but the winning map was inferno. This was copied and pasted from console:


HaTTy(knows he's the *edited*) vote was added. Need 2 or 30% to start voting!

*DEAD* HaTTy(knows he's the *edited*) : rtv


*DEAD* Dixen butt : rtv


It's time to choose the nextmap...

*DEAD* a2p^ +O ` Laydee : rtv


[<3] toranky chose de_vertigo

a2p^ +O ` Laydee chose de_inferno

`Danksta chose de_cbble

Death Dealer(187) chose fy_snow

boC- jun chose de_vertigo

AnDyBoNg chose cs_italy

Cr@sh chose cs_italy

<=|L|fR05tY|H|=> chose fy_snow

-=CSA=-*Samantha chose de_inferno

Insanity^Micky chose fy_snow

shodi chose cs_italy

next map chose cs_italy

Aznpwner chose cs_italy

*DEAD* boC- jun : 3


HaTTy(knows he's the *edited*) chose de_inferno

Winnie Poo chose fy_snow

Winnie Poo killed AnDyBoNg with deagle

clw chose cs_italy

Dixen butt chose de_inferno

*DEAD* Aznpwner : itay


supaman chose fy_snow

*DEAD* boC- jun : vertigo


`Danksta killed Death Dealer(187) with awp

GR33NT3A chose fy_snow

d2.sticky-icky chose de_inferno

*DEAD* Dixen butt : inferno


*DEAD* shodi : italy lol


Choosing finished. The nextmap will be de_dust2

*DEAD* Aznpwner : italy


"amx_nextmap" changed to "cs_italy"

Zero-Lock chose de_cbble

*DEAD* Aznpwner : italy


*DEAD* shodi : dust2


PTB: Round ended, checking teams.

* Privileges set

* Privileges set



Since we just did dust2, we did a map vote for office.

Edited by torankusu
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Thanks for bringing that up.


The issues with the server seem to be getting worst...not sure how since i recompile the original files and load them to the server.


I am in the process of re-doing the entire server.

There may be some downtime tomorrow, but it will be in the morning.




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yeah I started playing today and people did rtv and all three times it happened it was 1 definite choice and instead it went to a different map...ie everyone chose fy_snow...went to nuke...everyone picked awp_dust...went to italy...hopefully all this gets resolved by tomorrow evening.

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PTB and high ping kicker are fixed.

RTV still having some strange issues which involve a couple of other things related to end-round stats. I'm waiting on MP to get back with me about loading up some new DLLs to the server that will hopefully correct the issue, but i dont have enough permission to add those files to the server.

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