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New addition to the constitiution

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Ok before all you guys send me to the firing squad, please read all of this.


Ok, I have this idea that I want to implement into the constitution because I have been thinking about it for a while. And the reason I believe it should go into the constitution is because, even after we are all gone, this would be a great way to prevent biased from hurting our attendees at our LAN. Ok, so here we go.....


On the Fence Rule


When attendance is taken at our LANs (for example, our last LAN), we will take the two games that had the lowest attendance and say they are "on the fence". While these games (for example from the last LAN GoW2 and SF4 for consoles) are on the fence, they will be allowed to be voted in again. BUT if either GoW2 or SF4 were to have the lowest or second lowest attendance again, they would NOT be allowed to be voted back into the LANs again. But if the game does make a resurgance after this rule is implemented, then this rule for that game will dissappear and it will not be "on the fence" anymore until it gets low attendance again. This would keep things fresh and allow new games to be played that we have not played at the LANs yet.


Now before all of you guys who love Gears 2 yell "foul", listen up. I know you guys love this game, hell I do to, its a great game. And I know that you guys blame its low attendance at the last LAN on what happened at our first LAN last semester (the rules having to be changed and it almost not being finished). But you have to look at it from the rest of the clubs perspective. We only agreeded to do 6 games that LAN and Gears 2 was not originally voted in, so to start off, it honestly shouldnt have been promoted as a tournament game to begin with. But, we did it anyway, and people got mad about it, but oh well, its like I use to hear from all of the members of the club my freshman year "If it isnt voted in, tough *edited*, it shouldnt be a tournament game, you can free play it". Now again, Im not trying to hate on anyone because, like I said, I think Gears 2 is great, hell any game with a gun that has a chainsaw on it is awesome in my book. But if a game is not voted in after we initalize how many tournament games will be played at the LANs , I WILL NOT allow another game to be a "small" tournament, because we wind up arguing if it doesnt go the way it was planned. Its not fair to everyone else that wanted their game voted in, but it didnt happen.


And all I got to say about Street Fighter 4 is "Dont let the door hit your *edited* on the way out lol j/k". Honestly, I hope it goes but if it doesnt oh well, I hold no grudge against this game after seeing some tourney vids of it from EVO 2009.


Let me know what you guys think about this because we will be voting on it during the meeting.

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I think this could work, but I want to make sure I fully understand the proposition. It is nitpicking, but it's always good to get the kinks out ahead of time. Most of all, I'd like to know exactly when the "On the Fence" rule goes into effect and when it expires. I'll pose a few hypothetical situations and see how everthing works out. In order to avoid arguments on the merits of individual games, I will use fictional examples in the situations:


1. We vote in "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" for Theoretical LAN 1. It is the least attended tournament and goes on the fence. Still, we give it a second chance at Theoretical LAN 2. Miraculously, it is the most highly attended tournament. We vote it in for LAN 3, but again it comes in last. This means "Hello Kitty Island Adventure" has been put on the fence twice, but not consecutively. Would it be constitutionally sound to vote it in for LAN 4, or would we have to wait until LAN 5 for it to be a valid pick? What I am really asking is: does "on the fence" status reset if an "on the fence" game improves its attendance at the next LAN, or does it reset only after a game is made invalid for one LAN?


2. We vote in "Bible Trivia: The Game" for LAN 1. It comes in last and goes on the fence. We give it another go for LAN 2. It comes in last again. Obvously, it can't be voted in for LAN 3. Would it still be considerable for LAN 4?


Also, if the "on the fence" rule gets approved at the next meeting, would it work retroactively, meaning would Gears and Street Fighter be on the chopping block at the next LAN or would they get two chances because the rule wasn't in effect when the last LAN took place?

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