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I think it'll be great once we officially have the room.


Im gonna grab it tomorrow either after or before I go to class. Thank god I checked tonight


How can it not already be taken???


I just confirmed that the room is open, go for it.


Yea, I knew about the room being open b/c I still have that link you sent me about the Grand Room.

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Falcon might as well. Depends on just how much work I have both before and after the LAN. If the ratio is heavier towards work before it, then I'll definitely be there, to shake off the funk of being drowned in homework for the last month-ish. If I have work due afterwards, well, my obligation as a student comes first. But I'd definitely like to show up, even if I have to bring my own switch and LAN up some cs:source as freeplay. But this time I legitimately have a capable system, a while back I was able to grab a gfx card crazy cheap on clearance. So maybe some more games as well.


Just a warning, I'll have been on a >1 year break from decent competitive gaming, so I'll be terrible, but I'll give it my darndest.

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