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Huge space tourism expansion just months away:



So my dream of going into space is that much more real. All you need is about 100 grand and it'll buy you a ticket to 62 miles above the earth. I figure by the time I retire, the prices will go down enough to where we can all afford to travel up there. This is way cool.

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I have a ping of 600 to my router :blink:

your computer is a baddie

Idk what the problem was, it kept happening after resetting the router. Hasn't happened today though.


It only did it when I increased traffic on my HTPC/seedbox which is also wireless about 10 feet away. Maybe they got some cross-mojonation or something, idk. I really need to change how my room is set up, being 5 feet away from 3 seperate wireless antennas can't be a good thing.

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ive been waiting for this post number for this image


I love that game... every time I get a new nes emulator (pc, wii, phone) I have to put that rom on there.


I still have it somewhere for the original NES.

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Done goofed. *edited*ing posted I wanted to make a tf2 trade just to see what it did and now people wont stop adding me.



Hate them all!


Delete the trade fool... then people won't see you as a match anymore.

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